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It is important for business leaders to understand the importance of corporate innovation. The out-of-the-box thinking and strategy that is a part of corporate innovation allows leaders to unleash their inner power and entrepreneurial mindset so they do more than just bring something to the table — they take charge of it. One way to learn how to lead at the corporate table is to earn a graduate certificate in corporate innovation.

What is Corporate Innovation?

Ask business leaders what corporate innovation is, and you may get different answers. One thing they will agree on is that corporate innovation involves the introduction of something new to a company. Examples include introducing a new product, service, method, or market strategy.

Built In describes corporate innovation as utilizing a strategic method of “sourcing and embracing” new ideas that allows a company or corporation to retain market share over an extended period. Professionals who engage in corporate innovation merge new ideas into existing processes, utilizing both internal and external sources.

As companies grow and thrive, corporate leadership is often resistant to change. Innovative leaders create and listen to others who have creative ideas, rather than being slow to adapt.

The Importance of Studying Innovation

Employers today seek out job candidates who demonstrate they have the creativity and the ability to bring something new to the table. Innovative thinking is a coveted trait sought out by corporations today.

There are other skills needed in addition to bringing something new to the table. Companies that know how to innovate have an edge over competitors. Innovation grows business and it allows companies to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Corporate innovation allows companies to stay relevant and to create positive change, but is that enough? Many corporate thought leaders, including Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, argue that innovation must be disruptive, as only chasing profits leads to the “carcinogenic disease” that is hubris.

Some companies now have a corporate innovation labor department because they recognize the critical importance of corporate innovation in society. The result of innovation should always be improvement, which is one reason why corporations seek to add talented, educated leaders in corporate innovation to their payrolls. Some of the talent that corporations seek out continue their education beyond their degree by completing an innovation certificate or other graduate certificate programs.

Leadership Skills of a Corporate Innovator

We already know that corporate innovation requires the ability to be disruptive enough to break with tradition. Sometimes this includes being creative and innovative enough to look outside the organization or even their industry. People on the outside of a company are better able to remain objective and present a unique perspective on problem solving.

Corporate innovators must have a variety of leadership skills to succeed in a competitive market. Knowing how to promote ideas and conditions that unleash innovation in an organization is essential to success in the field. Knowing how to assess emerging technologies, how to use distinct approaches in innovation, and the ability to recognize and respond to customer change are crucial to corporate innovation.

Possessing excellent communication skills is pivotal to a career in corporate innovation. Some other leadership skills that are important for corporate innovators are the power of persuasion and the ability to foster and celebrate innovation.

Do you have the innovative mind to continually focus on being disruptive, to unleash an inner power that allows you to pitch to a panel of industry leaders? Do you have a sense of entrepreneurship and want to know how to play a pivotal role in developing and fostering a culture of innovation in your organization?

Career Opportunities

The growing field of corporate innovation and the fact that so many leaders recognize the need to have skilled corporate innovators in their companies mean there are many career opportunities available for people with an innovation certificate. Innovation grows business and corporate leaders often look for candidates who have the drive and skills to manage the innovation process.

Corporate executives and business owners alike understand the importance of staying ahead of the competition. Sustaining innovation, managing change within a corporation, and attracting top talent are important for corporate leaders. These factors open doors for people who have an education in corporate innovation.

People who have an education and the skills to work in corporate innovation will almost certainly have the best opportunities for the top jobs and for advanced positions with greater responsibilities and salary.

Post Program Overview

The Post University Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation program provides students with the skills and education needed for developing and fostering a culture of innovation, whether working in their current position or in a new career in corporate innovation.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who wants to lead change and become an agent of disruption that leads to long-term success for their companies and their careers should apply. Prospective students who want to enroll in the Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation program must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Some students have already earned a master’s degree and want to enhance their current skills and work in corporate innovation. Some students are just entering the corporate world, while others are seeking career advancement.

Program Length, Prerequisites, Courses

Students must complete all requirements for admission before enrolling in the program. Students must provide proof of completion of their bachelor’s or master’s degree, along with completing prerequisites.

The program is 12 required credits, consisting of four 3-credit courses:

  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Unleashing and Sustaining Innovation in Organizations
  • Complexity of the Innovative Process
  • Financial Tools for Managing Innovation

Project-Based Learning

The coursework for the professional certificate program at Post University is intended to augment the knowledge that the student gained in their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree program. Some students may also have completed a certificate in business before deciding to advance their career opportunities with a certificate in corporate innovation. Students gain an understanding of how to lead change and to inspire innovation across a variety of corporate settings.

Why Choose Post?

The coursework takes students on a path through all the factors involved in leading specific areas, departments, or entire corporations. Learn to foster and manage the change that propels an organization to greater success.

Students who enroll in the Post University Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation program enjoy the benefit of having a personal academic advisor and instructors with specialized expertise and real-world experience that they bring into the classroom.

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