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A hearty Eagles’ welcome to Connecticut State Senator Eric C. Berthel and Megan E. Pienczykowski who are joining the University’s Corporate Partnerships team. Berthel is associate director and Pienczykowski is project coordinator for Corporate Partnerships and the University’s High School Academy.

“I’m so pleased to have a team of great local talent,” said Shawn Whisenhant, Post’s Director of Corporate Partnerships.

Sen. Berthel represents Connecticut’s 32nd District, which includes Middlebury, Southbury and Watertown, among other communities. His focus at the University will be bringing in new and servicing existing corporate partners, which include Best Buy, Bigelow Tea and Connecticut Society of CPAs.

Although Berthel was born in Brooklyn, NY, for 20 years he’s lived in Watertown. With an interest in his hometown community, politics and deep industry knowledge he enjoys connecting people to the University. After many years of working on behalf of the community across the state, community involvement and service will continue to play a large part in his new role. Berthel will continue with his legislative responsibilities while at Post.

Berthel, along with Whisenhant, is a key University contact for corporate, non-profits and government partnerships. Please contact the team for custom designed training, professional development programs offered online, and higher education courses to be offered on-site or on-campus at 203-596-4555 or [email protected].

For the past three years, Pienczykowski worked in the Financial Aid Department as Team Leader for Data Operations Special. She will start in her new role on Aug. 6, where she will lead logistical coordination and organizational requirements for all Corporate Partnership and High School Academy educational initiatives. And she will be the contact point for external clients to deliver an exceptional partnership experience.