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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Elsa Elisabeth Jones
Program Chair of Early Childhood Education and Assistant Professor

What inspired you to enter the field of education, or got you started on your professional path?

I have always been inspired by the curiosity, energy, joy, and wisdom of infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

My career as an educator is rooted in my Wellesley College undergraduate and Tufts University graduate studies when I conducted child development research and internships.

Fresh out of graduate school, my first job was a Head Start Lead Teacher/Center Director teaching 36 preschool children and partnering with their families every day.

Since 1986, I have worked as an independent consultant on a wide array of advocacy and leadership projects including Assistant Researcher with Columbia Teachers College and Yale Bush Center in Child Development and Social Policy, a federal Head Start Reviewer, and the Project Director for a Children’s Defense Fund Summer Freedom School®.

I never set out to work in higher education, however in 2000, my consulting experiences opened a new door, and I have been most fortunate to instruct current and aspiring teachers of young children ever since.