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Katherine Mills
Head Coach Women’s Lacrosse

What inspired you to enter the field of education, or got you started on your professional path?

My college lacrosse coach sparked my interest in coaching lacrosse. As I went through graduate school I realized how much I loved coaching now that I was not a player and my love only developed there as I started to get more and more involved.

Who was your female role model?

I have had various female role models throughout the years. It is hard to pick just one. There have been many empowering women figures during different phases of my life and I like to think I took a little part of each of them with me!

Do you want share your interest or involvement in a community organization?

We are happy to recognize the organization near and dear to you. My biggest interest and involvement is with our Student Athletic Advisory Committee that does community service with over 25 local organizations. I love seeing our athletes and staff involved in the community and giving back to those around us. The program that is dearest to my heart is Ben’s Bells. Their message of spreading kindness is very important for all.