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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Kathy Walker, MPA
Reporting and Insights Analyst 

Why do you think it is important for females to be represented in your respective field or in education?

By nature, women are highly creative in their approach to enabling solutions that will better the community.  It is the mother in the family who most often urges children of both genders to attend – and stay – in school.  The role of women is at the front end of the chain of those necessary improvements that will lead to the family’s and the community’s long-term capacity and success.

Who was a female role model for you growing up or currently?

Growing up, I observed my oldest sister always had a curiosity of nature and science in general.  I have watched her over the years complete her education and studies in Environmental Sciences.  She was very much respected for her abilities as a teacher in the Public School system and therefore a great success in her chosen field.  Recently, she retired as an AP Environmental Sciences teacher with the North Haven School Department.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Post?

I have many favorite memories over the years.  One in particular, I organized a meeting at Post Downtown for a group of Institutional Researchers from area Connecticut Universities.  John Hopkins delivered a very inspiring and humble introduction.  One of the messages conveyed was to look to your Institution’s strengths as well as weaknesses – both are important to understand and study.  These words moved people to action and was referenced throughout the day’s meeting.  This was a “Post Proud” moment.