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This month we are highlighting influential women at Post University in honor of Women’s History Month. Read more at Women of Post.

Lydia Asamoah

With a passion for education and quick feet on the soccer field, Lydia Asamoah is a student athlete at Post University who inspires us with her enthusiasm, courage and zest for life.  It is why we recognize her as a 2020 Woman of Post.

“Born in Ghana, West Africa, Asamoah did not have an easy start. She lost both her parents at the young age of eight, and her grandmother stepped in to raise her. Despite these challenges, Asamoah did not let adversity interfere with her success.

After excelling in a school in Ghana, she came to the Unites States in 2015 for a better education, to play soccer and for an overall better quality of life.  As a young girl, she attended Dracutt High School in Massachusetts.  Two years later, she moved to Connecticut to attend Manchester High School and play soccer on the varsity team.  As she shared, “it was my first time I belonged to a team, it was amazing, fun, and I got to meet many different people.”  Looking back, she credits her high school teachers and friends who supported her to overcome many of her challenges, including mourning the loss of her grandmother, who passed away in 2018.

It was her fast feet on the soccer field that caught the attention of Post Women’s Soccer Coach Stephanie Demake.  “I didn’t think playing soccer or going to college would be possible for me.” With a diploma from Manchester High School in June, she enrolled at Post last fall.

“Thanks to the efforts of my incredible teachers and coaches – Mrs. Kennedy, Ms. Parra, Ms. Batista, Mrs. Weinberg, Coach Stephanie and Karin Mann, I’m earning a better education than I ever thought possible. They are always there to support me and that is something close to my heart. I don’t know how to thank them but thankful they are part of my life.” She notes many others who also make Post a special place for her.

“I have been faced with some big challenges in my life that have tested my strength.  By making the choice to overcome adversity, I was able to make room in my life for supportive relationships. I’ve gained greater confidence and heightened level of personal fulfillment.”