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Post University Brand Guide

The Brand Guide Version 3.0 is now available.

When used consistently, these messages and treatments will help to build a strong and recognizable presence for the university. It is imperative that all branded materials follow the guidelines in this document and help support consistency throughout all marketing efforts.

The Version 3.0 release of the new Branding Style Guide has many updates and new additions including: brand messaging/communication guidelines, more detailed logo guidelines, as well as updated school logos, colors, typography, and brand elements.

Please continue to check this site periodically as the style guide will be updated from time to time.

Branding Resource Library

The Branding Resource Library is the definitive source for current brand files including: logos, fonts, templates, photos, and other brand elements.

Accessing the Branding Resource Library
To access all of the assets shown in this Brand Guide, please use the Post University Branding Resource Library located on OneDrive. Below are the instructions to get access.

Post University Community
Please use the below button to access the Branding Resource Library on Sharepoint. You may be asked to login – just use your Post email login information.

Note: This link may change if updates are needed to the brand.

If you need photos for a project you can use the Post Flickr Account or contact Marketing if you need something more specific.

Marketing Group Vendors
Please request access from one of the Marketing contacts and then instructions will be sent to the Vendor.

General Public & Short-Term Vendors
Please request access from one of the Marketing contacts. Upon approval of your request a link can be shared, for a maximum of 30 days.

Contact Us

If you have any questions related to brand usage – or would like recommendations on how to produce an effective brand piece – the Post University Marketing group is here to help.

Before your piece is printed, launched, or distributed, we recommend that you have it reviewed by Post University Marketing, who will in turn review it with Post University Compliance. Please discuss with a member of the Marketing group below:

Michele Bartlett
Director of Website Development & Visual Branding

[email protected]

J.C. Hopkins
Director of Marketing

[email protected]

Joan Huwiler
Director of University Communications

[email protected]

Please Note:

  • Because proper usage of our brand elements is extremely important in promoting Post University, we may review the pieces that you have launched in market.
  • If a piece is deemed to misuse brand elements – and if the piece was not provided to Post University Marketing and Compliance prior to printing, launching, or distribution – Post University reserves the right to revoke your ability to produce branded communications.

Marketing Project Request Form
The project request form introduces the project and defines the project and its scope. It specifies why the project is important, the deliverables, when it will be delivered and importantly, how you expect to pay for it from your budget. Please fill out the form below and then create a Zendesk ticket with the complete form and all other needed materials attached.

Project Request Form - PDF