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Branding Style Guide

Branding Style Guide Cover

The Branding Style Guide(November 2019) is now available.

When used consistently, these messages and treatments will help to build a strong and recognizable presence for the university. It is imperative that all branded materials follow the guidelines in this document and help support consistency throughout all marketing efforts.

The November 2019 release of the new Branding Style Guide has many changes especially in regards to trademarking. Many of the secondary and additional logos have become registered trademarks, so please be sure to download the updated zipped logo files, so you are using the most current version.

Please continue to check this site periodically as the style guide will be updated from time to time.

Download the Post Style Guide


Logo Standards

The logos are available in a variety of formats for your convenience. Please note that the EPS file is the best file to use for printed materials, it is also scale-able because it is a vector file. To use in MS Office just drag and drop the file onto the page from the desktop or select Insert > Photo > Picture from a file > select the EPS file. The EPS file will also have a transparent background, which is good if having a colored background. The JPG and PNG are best for web usage, the JPG will have a white background while PNG file will have a transparent background.

Please follow the style guidelines when using these files. Many of these logos have been updated as of Nov. 2019, please download the updated options and discard the older versions.

Primary Logos - updated Nov. 2019
The Primary Logos are the official Post University logos to be used whenever a logo is needed. There are a variety of options available: Vertical, Vertical with Tagline, Horizontal, Horizontal with Tagline, and the U Icon.

Primary Logos (zipped folder updated Nov. 2019)

Tagline Logos - updated Nov. 2019

The Tagline Logos are similar in use to the Secondary Logos. A version of the Primary Post Logo must also be used somewhere in the design when using the Tagline Logos options and these should never used instead of the Primary Logo options.

Ideal uses for these logos are for apparel and graphic elements in marketing collateral. If you have questions about usage please contact Marketing.

Tagline Logos (zipped folder updated Nov. 2019)

Secondary Logos - updated Nov. 2019

The Secondary Logos should are a combination of the official Post University logo, the U Icon, and some of the Athletic logos. A version of the Primary Post Logo must also be used somewhere in the design when using the Secondary Logos options and these should never used instead of the Primary Logo options.

Ideal uses for these logos are for apparel and graphic elements in marketing collateral. If you have questions about usage please contact Marketing.

Secondary Logos (zipped folder updated Nov. 2019)

School Logos
The School Logos can be used by each school when marketing the individual school. There are a variety of options available: Vertical, Horizontal, and a Limited Use Horizontal.

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business (zipped folder)
John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education (zipped folder)
School of Arts & Sciences (zipped folder)

Athletics Logos & Swoop - updated Nov. 2019

The Athletic Logos are only for the use of the Athletics Department and Sports Teams for marketing and apparel. There are now a variety of options available with this new brand including: an Eagles Head, various wordmarks, and even an illustration of Swoop our mascot. If other University departments want to use any one of these options, please contact Marketing for approval.

All Athletic Logos (zipped folder updated Nov. 2019)

Post Online Logos

Post Online Logos are for limited use and if you feel you need to use this version of the Post Logo then please contact Marketing to get a copy.

Typographic Standards

Halis Grotesque and Newslab, the primary typography, are licensed fonts and have been distributed to all University Staff that have the need to use them. They will be an option in your font menu list. Arial is an universal font and can be used if you do not have access to Halis Grotesque and Newslab. If you need Halis Grotesque and Newslab you may contact the IT department.

Halis Grotesque & Newslab

hails grotesque typefacenewslab typeface

Arial (Alternative)

arial typeface

Color Standards

The color standards consist of Primary, Accent and Background color palettes. There is also a Color Usage Ratio chart available to help understand how to use these three palettes.

Primary Color Palette

Primary Color Palette

Accent Color Palette

Accent Color Palette

Background Color Palette

Background Color Options

Color Usage Ratio

Color Usage Ratio


Photography comprises the majority of the imagery we use. It is one of the most important elements of our visual voice. 

In general, we want photographs that capture close-ups of faces, or classroom interaction between and among students and their professors. Include students (campus or online) working singly or in small groups on laptops, tablets or smartphones in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

Campus students should be featured in campus settings; adult learners can be featured in a wide array of settings, including home offices, cafes, living room sofas and even backyard decks – anywhere they might decide to sit down and do some coursework.

University Photos
Portraits of members of the Post University community should look natural and comfortable. To achieve this look and feel, portraits should be shot in real environments.

Reminder: Students used in photos must sign a waiver.

For copies of official Post University photos, please contact Marketing.

Stock Images

All stock photography should also feel real, natural, authentic, warm, vibrant and dynamic that communicates our Post Makes It Personal messaging. 

We recommend as a good resource to purchase photos.


These templates are meant to assist you in creating appropriately branded materials. You may use other images and make design changes, but please follow the style guidelines. If you have any questions please contact Marketing.

Please note: If any of the Templates are using an older version of a logo please replace when creating your document.

MS PowerPoint
The PowerPoint template is customizable to meet all of your slide needs. There are various slide options including: Title and Content and Title/Subtitle with Content as well as Title Only and Title/Subtitle Only.

MS PowerPoint Template – Now available, automatically uses the Post colors for charts and graphs.


The letterhead template is a word doc file to use when writing official Post University communication.

Letterhead​ (.docx file)

MS Word

The word templates are customizable to meet all of your documentation needs. There are various options to choose from.

MS Word Templates​ (zipped folder)

“Post Makes It Personal” School Anthem

The Marketing department has created an motivational anthem that captures the essence of the new brand positioning, and the anthem is available to download. The anthem in its entirety, or snippets, may be used in university PowerPoint presentations or other university multimedia projects.

MP3 Files

The MP3 files includes the full length song and other shorter versions.

MP3 Files (zipped folder)

Wave Files

The Wave files include the shorter versions of the song. If you need the full length Wave file(s), please contact Marketing.

Wave Files (zipped folder)

Contact Us

The Marketing department is here to assist you in creating appropriately branded materials and approving the materials you have created. Prior to distribution, you must send any materials to marketing for approval.

Please submit all campus marketing tasks & inquiries to:

Michele Bartlett | Creative Services Manager

Joan Huwiler | Director of University Communications

Marketing Project Request Form

The project request form introduces the project and defines the project and its scope. It specifies why the project is important, the deliverables, when it will be delivered and importantly, how you expect to pay for it from your budget. Please fill out the form below and then create a Zendesk ticket with the complete form and all other needed materials attached.

Project Request Form - PDF