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IJob Fair for Studentst is a great day to partner with Post University’s Career Services to recruit great employees! Whether you need short-term help, an intern, an assistant for a seasonal project, or part- or full-time addition to your growing organization, we can help. 

We have multiple cost-effective strategies to help you in your search, from our Facebook online job posting system to our on-campus recruiting.

Explore our options for Employers:

Jobs & Internships

If you are an employer who would like to post internships or jobs on our Facebook job board and have your job description on hand, it’s very easy to post a position. Log into Facebook using either your company Facebook page or your personal Facebook page. Don’t worry about using your personal login; this option will not post to the wall on your personal page. If you do not have a Facebook page to log into, send an email to and we’ll send you a short form to complete with your job description and we will enter the job for you.

  • Click the Jobs & Internships link on our Facebook page
  • Click “Post New Job” button
  • Enter company information
  • Enter Job Information
  • Click “Post the Job,” and you are done!

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Third-party recruiters are organizations or individuals who recruit employment candidates for other than their own needs. Third party recruiters who wish to use Post University’s Career Services Facebook job posting system,Jobs & Internships, must disclose the name and location of the employer for whom the position will report to when creating the job post. They must also not share student resumes or personal information with an employer other than the one listed in the job post without first acquiring written consent from the student.

Third party recruiters who charge students for their services are not allowed to use the Post University Career Services Center, including Job Fairs and our Facebook job posting system.

Post University Internship Program Overview

Post University’s Internship Program is a win-win opportunity for both our students and the companies that hire them. Our students are engaged in courses of study focused on preparing them for careers in their majors, so they not only will contribute to your organization, but also they’ll gain valuable work experience. We encourage you to contact us at if you have any questions about this program.

Internship Guidelines

Some guidelines for ensuring the internship is a mutually beneficial experience:

  • An Internship assignment must provide a learning experience in an area that complements the student’s major field of study.  The student should be regarded as a regular employee with respect to conditions of work.  Pay should be commensurate with the assigned responsibilities. The Internship student is not eligible for unemployment benefits. Unpaid internships are accepted; however, the amount of students applying generally decreases. Most of our students have to work and an unpaid, part-time position may not be realistic for many. The US Department of Labor guidelines in determining whether an internship is to be paid or unpaid can be reviewed at
  • The employer should provide job training and supervision.  The student should have an orientation to company rules and expectations. Routine feedback by an experienced supervisor should be provided on a regular basis.
  • The position must be budgeted to last the duration of the assignment, which is 120 hours for a three credit internship, approximately 15-20 hours a week. The student’s class schedule needs to be taken into consideration when determining the internship work schedule. It can extend beyond the required hours at the employer’s discretion and agreement with the student.
  • The coordinator of the program or faculty member should be permitted to conduct a site visit, if requested, at your convenience.
  • If a student’s performance is unsatisfactory, the employer should contact the Career Services office at in an attempt to resolve any problems before termination is considered. Career Services and the student’s internship faculty will work with the employer to come to a satisfactory conclusion for all.
  • The host employer should supply the resources, equipment, and facilities that support the internship assignment.
  • Students who are deemed qualified to fill the posted position are referred to you under the provision that you, as the employer, make the hiring decision. In no way does Post University act as an agent of its students or take responsibility for their actions or consequences of those actions while employed through the Internship program.
  • International Students and Internships – International students with F-1 Visas may work a paid or unpaid internship in their major before graduation. They may not work a paid part-time job off campus before graduation. After graduation, an F-1 Visa student may work a paid position in their field of major for 12 months. The student is responsible for applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) and receiving permission from the Federal government before the first day of work.
Register for a Job Fair on Campus

Visit our campus, display your company information, talk with students, and gather student interest and applications for internships and jobs.To allow Career Services to better serve your needs and to ensure the maximum attendance at your on-campus recruiting event, please be prepared to provide key information regarding your company and opportunities. Career Services will create full-color flyers and post them across our campus, and we’ll also send multiple emails to students and faculty to create awareness of your Job Fair and maximize attendance.

Please be prepared to discuss the following:

  • The positions for which you will be recruiting
  • Job descriptions
  • Job qualifications
  • Type of position: internship, part-time, full-time or seasonal opportunity
  • Information about your organization
  • Name, title, telephone number and email address of the person who will be visiting our campus

A photo of your Job Fair recruiting table will be posted on our Facebook page.

For on-campus recruiting, contact Christina Billings, Associate Director of Career Services, Employer Relations and Student Careers, at or 203.591.7467.

Connect with Candidates

There are many ways you can connect with student candidates and contribute to your community and the university while you benefit yourself personally and professionally.

Contact for inquiries.

  • Mentoring a student can be a great way to get your company name known and give back to your community as well as potentially get to know and train a future employee. Mentoring doesn’t need to take up a great deal of your time. Besides face-to-face meetings, you can choose to use other forms of communication with your mentee such as emails, phone conversations or Skype meetings.
  • Participate in a Career Services student event where business partners mingle with and give advice to students, or answer their questions during a panel discussion event.
  • Present a workshop on a relevant careerelated topic to a broader student audience. Develop a relationship with a professor, and create a PowerPoint presentation to show in a workshop to a student audience that is studying relevant subjects to your business.
  • Be a guest speaker in a class, an academic club or a campus event. Share your career path experience, an interesting situation, current events, or changes occurring in your field. Share tips about getting promotions, life-work balance or any other practical workelated topic. Or give a “primer” presentation on an academic topic related to your business.
  • Provide Job Shadow opportunities to students for a workday or more. Select an area of your business that you are comfortable with demonstrating and teaching that would be valuable for the student or a future employee to see with first-hand experience.
  • Teach an online class in your discipline. Expand your experiential horizons, broaden your network, learn new technologies and gain new knowledge. Your next employee may be one of your star students.