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Mother with Son at graduationAs parents, you may be wondering how you can help your son or daughter make the most of his/her time at Post University and get a good start on life after college. Career Services understands the value of parents in the career decision process and views you as vital partners in this journey!

Please view our available resources. In addition, below are some top resources and information for parents:

Recruiting Post Students and Alumni

If you or your employer would like to recruit Post students or alumni for jobs or internships, you may post them on Post*ential Jobs, our job and internship posting system. For more information on posting a position, please contact us, and we can get you started.

Career Courses

In order to be successful in life, students need to understand who they are and what they want to achieve. For that reason, Post University undergraduate students are required to take six credits of career and lifelong learning courses to help prepare them to navigate their career timeline.

Our Career and Self-Awareness (CSA) courses are designed to help students enhance self-awareness, build confidence, develop a strong sense of career direction, and become savvy about the working world.

These courses include a unique combination of personal assessment activities, online career exploration, career and financial planning tools, job seeking skill development, lively in-class discussions, and online research about world-of-work topics and trends. They also learn to build their career portfolios.