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Social Media & Networking

Man using phone for social mediaAlong with job search websites, social media is another great way to look for positions in your industry. Many companies spend a lot of time on their social media outreach, and sometimes if you follow a company, you may get insider information on new positions opening up. Not only will you get an idea of what the company culture is like, you’ll be up-to-date on the news about the company and their latest awards and recognition. These are all great things to mention in your cover letter or interview.

If you reach out to a company on social media, whether you tweet at them, leave a comment on Facebook or contact them on LinkedIn, you have a great chance of getting a real person to respond to you.

Here are just a few ways to incorporate social media in to your job search:

Your Internet Brand

Social IconsThe internet is a critical component to a successful job search. Your internet brand and social media can play a pivotal role in increasing the visibility of your professional image to potential employers or decreasing your desirability as a prospective employee. Both your internet brand and the social media you use (or do not use) impact your job search.

To learn more, download Career Services' Your Internet Brand Guide.

Twitter Job Search

\Twitter is a real-time microblogging network where you can find real-time job postings. You may be surprised at how much Twitter has to offer your job search and networking.

Your Twitter Profile
First, for your Twitter account, create a professional image that is suitable for the eyes of recruiters, employers and HR personnel. We suggest you use your real name to increase your Internet brand. For example, if your name is Sally Smith, we recommend an alias such as @sallySmith or @Sally_Smith. Choose a professional profile photo to upload and write a 160-character professional bio that includes words relating to the job you want so that Google will index you with those tags.

You can manage your personal and professional Twitter accounts by using HootSuite or TweetDeck

Who to Follow – Networking

  • Follow companies or organizations you have a career interest in.
  • Search Twitter for keywords related to your job search and locate people who may lead to networking opportunities.

Job Search – Job Postings

  • Search Twitter for job postings using a hash tag, which is a simple way for people to search for tweets on a common topic, such as: #jobs, #careers, #employment, #jobhunt, #hiring, #jobsearch, #recruiters, #jobpostings, and the like.
  • Follow @jobshouts and @tweetmyjobs tor Twitter job postings.
  • Sign up on CareerArc for a Twitter feed/job channel. Create an account, then connect your account to your Facebook or Twitter, and upload your resume.
  • Search @socialmediajob and connect with other recruiters posting jobs on Twitter
Linkedin Job Search

LinkedIn is a high-level professional social networking service for professionals. Employers and recruiters come to LinkedIn to both post high quality jobs and to search for prospective high-quality employees.

Your LinkedIn Profile
Your LinkedIn profile is critical because recruiters and hiring managers will very likely be reading this. As with Twitter, use your Internet brand name. Your profile consists of three key components that employers look at: a professional profile photo, a professional headline that should include good keywords for those who will be searching to find you, and your profile summary. Look at other professionals’ profiles from your respective industry to get ideas of how you want to present yourself. Add your websites to increase Google’s indexing of your Internet brand.

  • There are a lot of sections available to you on LinkedIn to brag about your accomplishments so use them all when appropriate: summary, experience, skills & expertise, education, interests, groups & associations, volunteer experience, certifications, courses, honors & awards, languages, projects, patents, publications, and personal information.
  • Request recommendations from coworkers and those who know you well and can make statements about your character and skills that would impress an employer.
  • Optimal Resume's Linkedin Guide

Make Connections – Networking

  • Build your connections, but be selective as this is your professional network and not a personal social network like Facebook. Do not pursue connections with people who are inappropriate for your professional network.
  • Join groups on LinkedIn that are related to your major, background, interests or the type of job you want to get. Not only will it open doors to targeted networking opportunities, but you can also learn from the questions and discussions that are being exchanged within the group.

Job Search – Job Postings

  • Research a company profile before you apply for a job or interview. Search by Company.
  • Before an interview, search by People for the interviewers and hiring manager to gain a perspective on who you will be speaking with, but DO NOT mention this during the interview as it can be perceived as an uninvited invasion of their privacy.
  • Search LinkedIn’s Jobs by keyword or location, or by specific criteria using the advanced search.
Facebook Job Search

On Facebook, you want to be found, and to make connections for your job search, but you also want to control what information certain people can view.

Your Facebook Profile and Wall

The name on your Facebook account should be the Internet brand name you chose. If not, you can change it so your URL will be substituting your own Internet brand name. Complete all sections of your profile with an eye toward looking as professional as possible.

Your Facebook privacy settings are your best friend if you want to use your Facebook account to help you in your job search and also to socialize with family and friends. Choose to share with
Everyone your profile and websites. After that, we suggest restricting everything except your Basic Info to Friends, only or setting up a Custom privacy account to fit your needs.

Make Connections – Networking

You can search for companies or interests that are important to your job search not only to learn about the companies, but also to join in conversations and make connections within the company. You will also see which of your friends are working at that company.

Job Search – Job Postings

You can run many different types of searches for jobs and internships using those two words, or a company name followed by the word “jobs”. You can also use the following job boards on Facebook.

  • BranchOut – largest professional network on Facebook with 25 million users in 200 countries and more than 3 million jobs and 20,000 internships
  • Simply Hired – largest job board aggregator service in the world
  • Innovate CV App – will convert your Facebook or LinkedIn profile, PDF or Word doc into an Innovate CV, and from there you can post on your wall
Recommended Reading
  • Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies by Joshua Waldman, MBA.