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Careers By Major – Undergraduate Programs

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In our B.S. in Accounting program, you’ll discover how to apply your skills to a variety of possibilities, and you’ll learn from professors who have experience in the field. In fact, our faculty members bring public accounting, corporate income taxation, forensic accounting, accounting information systems, auditing, law enforcement, and education experience to the classroom.

Providing a valuable education with so many career possibilities is just one of the reasons why the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business was ranked in the top 10 for ROI by Payscale in 2014.

Related Career Titles
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Internal Auditor, Management Accountant, Cost Accountant, Government Accountant, Accounting Officer, Staff Accounting, Accounting Supervisor, General Accountant, Accounting Manager, Business Analyst, Financial Reporting Accountant

Applied Mathematics and Data Science

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Data Science provides students with the necessary skills to execute effective mathematical analysis in a variety of fields including finance, economics, biology, social sciences, business, and data science. Students will gain experience in programming for data compilation, powerful statistical analysis methods, modeling techniques and strategies, drawing data-based conclusions, and presenting compelling quantitative narratives. Students completing the Applied Mathematics and Data Science degree need to be well-versed in mathematics, statistics and computer programming. They also need to work closely with, and speak the language of, field-specific professionals. To that end, students will choose from two concentration options: Life and Physical Science or Big Data. In the Life and Physical Science concentration, students will expand on their general education science selection and have the opportunity to choose from the abundant, progressively challenging selection of courses offered in the science department. Students with this concentration will be prepared to apply their background in collaboration with professionals in the health, pharmaceutical, and science fields. Students in the Big Data concentration will focus on learning and developing programming-based solutions to storing, mining, cleaning, filtering, and ultimately analyzing extreme volumes of data.

Related Career Titles
Natural Sciences Managers,  Actuaries, Mathematicians, Statisticians, Mathematical Technicians, Mathematical Science Teachers, Postsecondary Mathematical Science Teachers


You have a natural curiosity and an ambition to know how everything works. You’re drawn to biology not only because you want to study the building blocks of life, but you also know it’s a versatile field that can lead to many exciting career paths in the sciences. A Bachelor of Science from Post University can get you on your way to a variety of opportunities in the field of science and the healthcare industry.

Related Career Titles
Biologist, Ecologist, Molecular and Cellular Biologist, Evolutionary Biologist, Microbiologist, Environmental Management, Physiologist, Chemist, Zoologist, Pharmacy Technician, Wildlife Biologist, Lab Technician, Genetic Counselor, Research Assistant

* Additional certification and education (e.g. M.S.) is often required beyond entry level positions

Business Administration

Successful businesses start with innovative leaders. If you want to guide a team to success through effective planning and creative problem-solving, then you have what it takes to thrive in a dynamic business environment. A B.S. in Business Administration from Post helps you make the most of your drive and build your leadership skills. You’ll get a forward-thinking, challenging education that will prepare you for a career that’s in high demand. Learn effective planning, leadership and employee development strategies while you learn from experienced faculty who bring their real-world experience in business to the classroom.

Related Career Titles
Business Administrator, Program Director, Distribution/Logistics Manager, Insurance Underwriter, Management Consultant, Marketing Executive, Market Research Executive, Human Resources Manager, Public Relations Account Executive, Recruitment Consultant, Retail/Store Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, Account Executive, Office Manager, Finance Analyst, Finance Advisor, Restaurant Manager, Education Administrators, Hospital Administrators, Industrial Production Managers, Cost Estimators, Loan Officers, Tax Collectors/Revenue Agents, Purchasing Agents/Buyers, Appraisers, Lodging Managers, Funeral Directors

Child Studies / Early Childhood Education

Our B.S. in Child Studies and A.S. in Early Childhood Education degrees focus on the impact that culture, community and society have on young children and their education. You’ll learn childhood development stages and gain the knowledge and skills to assess development and recognize whether or not children are on a typical developmental path. While you study, you’ll work collaboratively with others and practice communication skills with children, families and co-workers.

Related Career Titles
Teachers, Youth Outreach Workers, Child Care Workers, Teachers’ Assistants, Parent Program Coordinators, Head Start Program Coordinators, Parent Education Program Coordinators, Curriculum Specialists, Assistant Teachers, Early Childhood Education Teachers, Preschool/Day Care Teachers,    Grade School Teachers in private settings, Child Providers, Lead Teachers, Student Teachers, Parent Coordinators, Language Arts Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Nannies, Home Visitors, Early Intervention Specialists, Youth Managers (in science and other childrens’ museums), Child Specialists (in hospitals and therapeutic settings), Childrens’ Librarians, Childrens’ Advocate Coordinators, Recreation Center Directors, Family Resource Center Coordinators, Group and Residential Home Workers, Textbook Editors, Child and Youth Workers

Communication and Media Studies

For publishing, corporate communications, marketing, public relations and other areas, traditional methods are no longer enough. In an industry where the way we communicate is revolutionized nearly every day, staying ahead of the technological curve is critical. Whether you’re looking to break new ground on social media, to develop an interactive website that revolutionizes the medium, or to become the strategist and voice behind an organization’s blog, our B.A. in Communication & Media Studies can help you develop the skills you need to get a competitive advantage in the field.

Related Career Titles
Media Relations Specialist, Marketing Executive, Public Relations Executive, Social Media Manager, Event Manager, Publicist, Editor, Researcher, Account Manager, Agency Executive, Business Communication Specialist, Writer, Branding Consultant, Sales Managers, Fundraising Associates, Advertising Manager, Copywriters, Multimedia Professionals

Computer Information Systems

Computer networks and equipment are absolutely essential for an organization’s productivity, and the professionals who keep everything running smoothly are critical parts of the team. You’re a natural problem-solver, and you want to be the go-to person to keep businesses, universities, and other organizations up and running smoothly. A B.S. in Computer Information Systems can get you the head start you need in the exciting, ever-evolving environment of IT.

Related Career Titles
Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer Scientists, Computer Software Engineers, Computer Programmers, Computer Support Specialists, Computer System Analysts, Computer Technicians, Computer Assistants, Computer Operators, Computer Hardware Sales, Database Administrators, Help Desk Professionals

Criminal Justice

The field of criminal justice is as rewarding as it is demanding. You’re ready for the challenges, and you want to serve the public and uphold the integrity of the law. Our B.S. in Criminal Justice program prepares you for a career in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in law enforcement, security management, and public and private investigation.

The field of criminal justice is as rewarding as it is demanding. You’re ready for the challenges, and you want to serve the public and uphold the integrity of the law. Our B.S. in Criminal Justice program prepares you for a career in public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in law enforcement, security management, and public and private investigation.

Related Career Titles
Correctional Officers, Police Officers, Private Detectives, Investigators, Firefighters, Gaming Surveillance Security Directors, Probation Officers, Parole Officers, Victim Witness Assistants, Correctional Classification Supervisors, Federal Agents, State Troopers, Highway Patrol Officers, Harbor Police Officers, Environmental Conservation Officers, Executive Protection Officers, United States Marshalls, Loss Prevention Personnel, Bailiffs, Wardens, Conservation Officers, Transit/Railroad Police, University/College Campus Police

Emergency Management and Homeland Security

If you want to be a go-to person in times of crisis, our B.S. in Emergency Management & Homeland Security degree program is for you. Through courses developed and taught by experts with years of experience in the field, you’ll learn how to anticipate and respond to and manage natural and man-made disasters.

You’ll prepare for a career in wide array of local, state or federal emergency management and homeland security organizations, including emergency services, law enforcement, fire services, homeland security and disaster recovery.

Related Career Titles
Emergency Management Directors, Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers, Medical and Health Service Managers, EMTs and Paramedics, Municipal Firefighters, Police Patrol Officers, Private and Public Security Officers, Hazard Materials Removal Workers, Business Continuity Planners, Criminal Investigators, Special Agents, Firefighters, Intelligence Analysts, Ports of Security Specialists

Environmental Science - This program is no longer being offered for new or transfer-in students.

This program is no longer being offered for new or transfer-in students.

You want to play an essential role in protecting our planet for future generations. It’s about more than just following current preservation strategies. It’s also about developing innovative tools and forward-thinking policies that lead us responsibly into the future. In our Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science degree program, you’ll address these issues and more as you engage in a rigorous, yet flexible interdisciplinary study of environmental science within a geopolitical context.

Related Career Titles
Environmental Consultants, Environmental Activists, Environmental Scientists, Industrial Environmental Managers, Laboratory Analysts, Risk Assessment Specialists, Environmental Managers, Environmental Planners, Urban and Regional Planners, Environmental Geologists,    Hydrologists, Environmental Policy Managers, Geographic Information Systems Analysts, Environmental Technicians, Laboratory Technicians, Ecologists, Soil Scientists, Environmental Health Specialists

Equine Studies

Our unique B.S. in Equine Studies gives you a solid foundational knowledge and is a practical way to prepare for an exciting career in a growing industry.

Our program is highly customizable, so you’ll acquire the tools and experience you need to succeed in the field of your choice. You’ll have the opportunity for an “immersion training” semester off campus for hands-on experience in your specialty. But if you prefer, you can complete your degree on campus and select a concentration for an in-depth education.

Related Career Titles
Veterinary Assistants, Hoof Trimmers, Equine Sports Massage Practitioners, Equine Paralegals, Equine Marketing Specialists, Equine Advocates, Equine Business Management Specialists, Business Owners, Therapeutic Riding Instructors, Rehabilitation Professionals, Breeders, Equine Nutrition Specialists, Grooms, Equine Accounting Specialists, Barn Managers, Equine Insurance Representatives, Certified Riding Instructors, Sales and Leasing Agents


If helping people and organizations become more profitable speaks to you, and you want to lead positive change and help our economy thrive, then a career in finance might be for you. Our B.S. in Finance helps you gain the money management, financial decision-making, and financial planning skills you need to build your future in the field.

You’ll learn form a faculty with real-world experience in everything from financial service firms, brokerage and investment houses, banks, insurance companies, and domestic and international businesses, among other areas.

Related Career Titles
Accountants, Auditors, Account Executives, Actuaries, Sales Managers, Advertising Managers, Budget Analysts, Financial Analysts, Banking Advisors, Financial Managers, Financial Services Sales Agents, Portfolio Manager, Investor, Loan Officers, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Sales Agents, Economists, Bank Tellers

Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management program will provide the opportunity to acquire human resource management skills and knowledge, develop proficiency in the profession, and understand the importance and specific functions of an organization’s Human Resources Department. Graduates would be qualified for entry or advanced-level position in HR departments.

Related Career Titles
Human Resources Associate, Recruiter, Human Resource Manager, Benefits Coordinator, Payroll Specialist, Talent Management Associate or Training & Development Manager, among others.

Human Services

Helping those in need is your calling. You believe positive change is possible, and you want dedicate yourself to serving others a significant way. Our B.S. in Human Services prepares you for a rewarding career in the human services profession. You’ll gain the tools and experience you need to lead in a variety of human service occupations, or to prepare for pursuing advanced professional graduate study.

Related Career Titles
Case Workers, Family Support Workers, Youth Services Workers, Child/Client Advocates, Behavioral Management Aides, Drug Abuse Counselors, Life Skills Counselors, Social Service Aides, Therapeutic Assistants, Probation Officers, Parole Officers, Juvenile Court Liaisons, Child Abuse Workers, Group Home Workers, Mental Health Aides, Community Outreach Workers, Community Organizers, Intake Interviewers, Community Action Workers, Psychological Aides, Rehabilitation Case Workers, Residential Managers, Social Service Assistants, Home-Based Assistants, Mental Health Technicians, Outreach Specialists, Addiction Counselor Assistants, Adoption Services

International Business Administration - This program is no longer being offered for new or transfer-in students.

This program is no longer being offered for new or transfer-in students.

Our B.S. in International Business Administration degree program gives you a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as a business professional, with a specific emphasis on cross-border, multi-national operations. Become prepared for a variety of career opportunities with companies that specialize in cross-border business, focusing on global supply chains and logistics, multinational human resources management, global marketing, and more.

Related Career Titles
Foreign Service Officer, Logistics Coordinators/Managers, Foreign Affairs/Business Analyst, Immigration Specialist, Import/Export Coordinator, Language Specialist, Immigration Case Manager, Administrative Manager, Export Logistics Coordinator, Trade Finance Associate, Foreign Currency Investment Banker, Global Corporate Finance Manager, Regulations Coordinator, International Underwriter, International Business Planning Manager, Manufacturing Manager, International Liaison, Transportation Coordinator, International Recruiter, International Financial Advisor, International Marketing Representative, Business Development Specialist, General/Operations Managers, International Underwriter, Purchasing Managers, International Buyer/Trader, Customs Brokers, Supply Chain Managers, Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists, Cargo and Freight Forwarders/Agents

Legal Studies

The legal field offers a plenty of opportunities to motivated individuals who wish to begin a challenging, exciting career path in law. A B.S. in Legal Studies from Post University will prepare you to enter a rewarding position as a paralegal in corporate, private, or government organizations. While you learn at Post, you’ll have access to the largest undergraduate Law Library in Connecticut not attached to a Law School. Graduates of the program work in small, medium, and large Law Firms; the Court System; and in Corporate legal departments.

Related Career Titles
Paralegal Assistant, Real Estate Paralegal, Legal Analyst, Paralegal Specialist, Certified Paralegal, Immigration Paralegal, Litigation Paralegal, Corporate Paralegal, Judicial Paralegal, Claims Examiner/Searcher, Abstractor, Title Examiner/Searcher, Legal Editor, Insurance Adjuster/Examiner, Legal Secretary, Investigator, Tax Preparer, Court Administrator/Clerk, Arbitrator/Mediator/Conciliator, Patent Agent, Community Relations Advocate, Compliance Manager


Exceptional management can make all the difference in an organization’s success, and great managers are always in demand. Post University’s B.S. in Management degree program can prepare you to be a leader in virtually any organization. You’ll learn from faculty members with advanced degrees and extensive real-world experience, and the coursework will provide you with a solid foundation for a dynamic career path in business management.

Related Career Titles
Sales Managers, Recruiters, Realtors, Administrative Services Managers, Construction Managers, Educational Administrators, Advertising Managers, Promotion Managers, Entertainment Coordinators, Community Service Agents, Hospitality Managers, Hotel Managers, Project Managers, Office Managers, Human Resources Managers, Team Managers


Meet the exciting world of marketing head-on, and get ready to work with dynamic teams that develop creative materials and solutions that leave lasting impressions. Our B.S. in Marketing uses a hands-on, practiced-based curriculum model that will prepare you to explore the fast-paced arenas of sales and advertising, or to go behind the scenes with market analysis and research.

Related Career Titles
Market Research Analyst/Consultant, Project Manager, Market Research Manager, Product Line Manager, Business Development Specialist, Client Services Specialist, Marketing Team Member, Advertising Representative, Sales Associate, Account Executive, Consumer Behavior Specialist, Marketing Planner, Media Buyer, Professional Seller, Business-to-Business Promoter, International Marketing Director, Marketing Director


If you’re dedicated to serving the public and improving lives, then our B.A. in Psychology program is a great place to start. Our faculty of professionals brings years of experience in the field into the classroom, giving you the edge of real-life experience. You’ll be on the path to a career in counseling, rehabilitation, community and public relations, advertising and market research, education, or legislative affairs, among other areas.

Related Career Titles
Psychology Teachers, Social and Human Service Assistants, Health and Safety Engineers, Social Scientists/Researchers, Rehabilitation Counselors, Human Resources Specialists, Recreational Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Substance Abuse Counselors, Teacher Assistants, Paraprofessionals, Psychiatric Aids, Counselors

Sport Management

Be part of the team behind the scenes. A B.S. in Sport Management from Post University is the first step to an exciting, fast-paced career in the field that powers successful sport organizations around the country and worldwide. Our program blends sport management and business courses to help students develop the skills and experience they’ll need to succeed in this competitive industry. Upon graduation, you’ll be ready to pursue a career in management, administrative, marketing and customer engagement in sport and sport-related companies.

Related Career Titles
Athletic Development Directors, Athletic Assistants, Special Event Coordinators, Donor/Donor Management Persons, Annual Giving Persons, Major Gift Officers, Sport Marketing Professionals, Sport Managers, General Managers, Sponsorship Services Managers, Manager of Social Media and Communications, Ticket Operations Managers, Game Operations Managers, Sport Agents, Scouting Directors, Facility Managers, Athletic Directors, Coaches, Sport Economists, Ticket Sales, Game Day Operations, Promotions Directors

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