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Student Information and FAQs

Post University Spring Semester 2020

All classes will be taught online for the rest of the spring 2020 semester. Check this page frequently for updates and more information.

Questions About Campus & Courses | April 21, 2020

Will I be reimbursed for my room and board during the time I am not able to stay on campus?

​Yes. In April, we began to process credits and refunds. Students were reimbursed a pro-rata share of room and board in the form of a credit toward the upcoming Fall semester housing, less any balances owed to the University. Because some students are graduating in May, they will receive a cash reimbursement, less any balances owed to the University.


I need to register for the Fall 2020 Semester. Can I still do this?
Yes, your Academic Advisor on Main Campus will be available to you through phone or email. During the next two weeks, registration for Fall 2020 will continue virtually and your advisor will be in touch with you to schedule and confirm your virtual meeting time. If you have any questions, please email

The University will always keep the latest information at the top of our website.

Will nonacademic buildings and facilities, such as Traurig Library and Leever Center remain open?

Traurig Library: Until further notice, the Traurig University Library will only be available virtually.  Students and faculty can access our library associates and ALL our services and resources via our virtual library or research assistance or  If you need any assistance obtaining online government documents, please email

Leever Center: Food service will be available (albeit limited hours of operation), until all students have been properly relocated. Specific hours of operation will be forthcoming once we determine the relocation plans for our students.

The Drubner Center, the Fitness Center and the Eagles Nest in lower level of Leever are all closed for the remainder of the semester.

These resources are available to you:

  • YOU@Post a free online tool that can help with your physical well-being as well as help you achieve your academic goals.
  • TutorMe – is available 24/7. You can find the link in Blackboard.
  • The Center for Academic Success helps with professional tutoring via phone and email. Contact information: or 203-596-4686.
  • The Center for Career and Professional Development helps with resume writing and internships. Contact information: or 203 828-2989.
  • Health Services at
Are all events canceled across campus?

All University sponsored events are cancelled, including those events organized by outside groups who use our facilities, until further notice. 

In addition, The Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference has cancelled all athletic contests for the remainder of the Spring Semester.

How can I stay on track with my schoolwork if I’ve not taken a course online before?
Keep Calm. Things happen and it can be hugely inconvenient or disappointing but the only thing we can control is our own response and attitude. We are going to get through this together and nothing can or will take away from the accomplishment of completing your courses and if you are a senior graduating from college. Here are some suggestions:

  • Online Study Group. Arrange with a group of friends to meet virtually to go over schoolwork. A group will help keep you on task and help keep you focused. Remember, you still have access to resources like TutorMe and the Center for Academic Success ( or 203-596-4686). Stay in communication with your professors and academic advisors via emails and phone calls.
  • Use Your Time Productively. This is a great time to make sure your resume is in top shape and to arrange for summer jobs or internships. You can make an appointment to meet virtually with the Center for Career and Professional Development. Contact or 203 828-2989.


If I have questions about remote technology, who should I contact?
If you encounter access issues to Blackboard Collaborate, please email: Additionally, please read the March 12 email message issued by Provost Elizabeth Johnson to Main Campus students regarding the move to online classes.

If you need other technical help from the University, please contact: 1.888.458.POST

What are some resources to help stay connected to the Internet?
  • Spectrum is offering free Wi-Fi to students for 60 days call 1.844.488.8395
  • Comcast is also offering free Wi-Fi for 60 days to new low-income families as well as opening their Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots to everyone for free.
  • Altice through Optimum and Suddenlink is offering free internet connectivity for 60 days.
  • Optimum is also offering access though their special Wi-Fi hotspots SSID: optimumwifiemergency.
    Call the numbers below for further information on getting internet at your home

    • 866.200.9522 to enroll in Optimum region
    • 888.633.0030 to enroll in Suddenlink region
  • AT&T is also offering public access to their Wi-Fi Hotspots for free. There are also offering internet access for qualifying limited income households at $10 a month through our Access from AT&T program


For individuals returning or arriving from abroad, is there a required prohibition period from campus?

If you are arriving in the United States from the countries identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as Level 2 and Level 3 countries, the University requires that you:

1) Do not return to campus, and

2) Self-quarantine for 14 days from your date of return to the United States, even if you do not feel ill. Self-quarantine means that you return to your permanent residence.

At both the beginning and the end of the period of self-quarantine, students must contact Health Services.


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