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Is Post University regionally accredited?

Yes. Post University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. For more information on Post’s accreditation please go to the Accreditation page in About Post.

Do I need to take any courses with Post before my transcripts are evaluated for transfer?

No, there is no requirement to take any courses with Post University before we evaluate your transcripts (civilian or military) for transfer. All you need to do is to simply complete the inquiry form and a Military Enrollment Advisor will contact you to go through the evaluation process with you. Once your evaluation is complete, it is up to you as to whether or not to enroll as a student with Post University. This will be an unofficial evaluation, however, and you cannot receive an official evaluation until you have applied and been matriculated as a student with Post University. 

When am I considered a matriculated student?

You will be considered a matriculated student with Post University after all the following steps have taken place:

  • You have applied
  • You have been accepted
  • Your official transcripts have been received by the ADP Admissions Office, and
  • You have registered for your first course
How long will it take for me to receive my initial transfer evaluation?

Normally, evaluations are completed within 7 days after receipt of your transcripts. The initial evaluation is subject to change based on receipt of your Official Transcripts from other schools that you have attended. You will receive your initial evaluation via email from your Military Enrollment Advisor. They will contact you and review with you your evaluation. Should you have any questions, ask them at that time. If you feel that you should have received credit for something, bring it to your Enrollment Advisor’s attention and they will advocate on your behalf to Academic Affairs.

Will Tuition Assistance pay for my course(s)?

Yes and No. The Department of Defense (DoD) Tuition Assistance Program is a federally managed program. Tuition assistance will pay the tuition cost for each course up to a federal cap of $750 per course and $4,000 per federal fiscal year (October – September). For all undergraduate and certificate programs at Post University, the tuition rate is $750 per course and is completely covered by your Tuition Assistance. For graduate-level courses, the tuition rate is $399 per credit hour. Since TA will only cover $750 of the total tuition, you will need to use the GI Bill Top-Up Program to pay the difference. Each Branch of the service has its own method of requesting Tuition Assistance. 

Can I use my Montgomery GI Bill to pay for my education?

Yes! Post University is fully certified by the Veteran’s Administration for the use of VA Educational Benefits to pay for tuition and other fees. Processing your GI Bill Benefits is now handled completely online by going to the VONAPP website to apply. We also have a VA-ONCE liaison who will assist you, whether you’re starting your benefit for the first time or you’re transferring your benefit from another college.

Will I have to buy books?

No. At Post University, your books and electronic education materials are free! You will need to order your books for each class that you take, but they will be paid with a student book voucher that gets loaded once you register for your course(s). Active Duty, Reserve, Veterans and Eligible Family Members must be enrolled as an online or evening and weekend student to get the voucher. Not applicable for Main Campus Students.

How do I get an Official Transcript for promotion purposes?

Once you have taken 6 credits with the university, you will be able to complete a request for an In Progress Transcript. This transcript has been designed to meet the requirements listed for promotion consideration, and there is no fee for this transcript. Contact your Academic Advisor to request an In Progress Transcript.

How long will it take me to complete my degree with Post University?

It depends on how many credits you were able to transfer in to your selected degree program, and the number of courses that you take each eight-week online module. For example, military students who transfer in 60 total credits between military training and experience and other college credits may be able to complete their bachelor’s degree in 3 years even if they take only one course every eight weeks!

Can my eligible family members take advantage of this program, too?

Yes! Post University’s Military Program is offered to active duty military personnel and their eligible family members. That means your spouse and children also can earn their college degrees through Post University.

What if I am deployed?

Since Post University offers an online option for students, you don’t have to put your studies on hold if you’re deployed. As long as you have access to the Internet and sufficient time to complete your work, you can continue to take courses wherever you are. In fact, we have quite a few students who continue to take courses while serving overseas. However, if you need to take a break from your studies, we have a very flexible Military Leave of Absence policy. Students on a Military Leave of Absence will be able to resume their education without the need of reapplying to Post University by contacting the Registrar’s Office as long as they resume their studies within 6 months after the end of the deployment. Learn more about our Leave of Absence policy.

May I attend graduation?

Yes! We hold Commencement every May on our Main Campus in Waterbury, Connecticut. We encourage you to join students, faculty and staff in celebrating this momentous occasion!