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Graduate Tuition & Fees 2018-2019
Master of Business Administration Tuition $730 per credit hour
Room and Board1
Okinaga Hall, Apartment-Style
West, South, Paparazzo
Middle, East

Student Service Fee2 $1,100
Technology Fee3 $200

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2018-2019
Tuition* $28,250              
Room & Board1 Okinaga Hall, Apartment-Style
West, South, Paparazzo
Middle, East

Student Service Fee2 $1,100
Technology Fee3 $200
* Full-time undergraduate main campus students are those who register for courses starting in September and/or January and who take at least 12 but no more than 18 credits per semester. Any student taking over 18 credits will be subject to $945 per credit hour fee.

  1. The University Board plan consists of 19 meals per week. Students living off campus may also participate in the University's meal plan. Additional information can be obtained from the Student Services Office.
  2. The Student Service fee supports extracurricular experiences for Post University students. This includes the Student Government Association, which supports student clubs and organizations and their programs, such as leadership training, residence hall councils; the Programming Board, which provides artists and entertainment for the entire campus; and additional services that support students outside the classroom.
  3. The Graduate Technology Fee is charged at a rate of $50 per module. The stated fee
    is based upon enrollment in 4 consecutive modules for the Academic Year. This fee is for technological accommodations and equipment provided by the University.

    The Undergraduate Technology Fee is paid by full-time students for technological accommodations and equipment provided at the University.
2018-2019 Additional Fees that May Apply to You
Student Insurance Plan Fee* All full-time students must have health insurance coverage. Students will be automatically enrolled in University's insurance plan unless they complete a waiver that indicates they already have insurance coverage on or before the first day of classes. For more details, visit Student Insurance Plan.

*If other Health Services are needed, visit Health Services.

$1,400 Annually

$800 Spring Semester
Graduate Application Fee
Application for admission to the University must be accompanied by a $50 application fee.
Undergraduate Application Fee Application for admission to the University must be accompanied by a $40 application fee. $40
Orientation Fee
        New Students
        New International Students
New, full-time students and new, full-time international students pay an orientation fee in their first semester at the University.

Late Payment Fee A late tuition payment fee is applied to accounts if full-time tuition and fees are not received by the specified due dates. $50
Books and Supplies (annual estimate)
The cost of books and supplies depends on the program of study. Studio, lab, and ECM fees may be applied to a course. In lieu of hardcover textbooks, the University is transitioning many of its course materials to Electronic Course Materials (ECMs). In many courses, students are charged a $90 ECM Fee for these materials. ECMs are course materials that are available in a completely electronic format which may include electronic versions oftextbooks, narrated PowerPoint presentations, articles, case studies, and electronic access codes to additional content. At Post, ECMs include materials that are developed and gathered by faculty to address specific program and course outcomes.
Returned Check Fee, Declined Credit Card
First time declined
Second time declined
SEVIS Fee A non-refundable fee paid to the US Government for F-1 students. $200
Late Registration Fee $50
Transcript Copies
Official per copy
Unofficial per copy
Graduation Fee



In order to ensure a position in a starting class, new students should send in an enrollment deposit within thirty (30) days after they have been accepted to the University. Deposits are applied towards a student's tuition.

New Student's Deposit

Students who will live on campus          $300
Students who will live off campus          $150

Deposits are NOT refundable after May 1st

Undergraduate Part-time Main Campus Tuition & Fees
Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits hours per semester are classified as part-time students. The tuition for part-time students is as follows:

Tuition                                             2018-2019

Campus Day Course Fee              $945/credit
Auditing Fee                                 $472.50/credit
Senior Citizens Fee                       $300/course

A senior citizen (a person 62 years of age or older) may enroll in one or more credit courses on a space-available basis. Proof of age is required.