An education with Post University is both valuable and affordable. We work with you to find a plan that works, no matter what your education goals may be. See the tuition rates and fees for all our programs below.


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For our online graduate programs and online graduate certificate programs, credit-hour rates vary from program to program. See below for a comprehensive list of tuition rates.

Graduate Program Tuition 2018-2019
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $730 per credit hour
Master of Science in Accounting
$625 per credit hour
Master of Education
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science in Higher Education Administration
Master of Science in Human Services
$570 per credit hour
Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation  
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Graduate Certificate in Finance (GCF)
Graduate Certificate in Leadership  
Graduate Certificate in Marketing
Graduate Certificate in Project Management
$730 per credit hour
Graduate Certificate in Alcohol & Drug Counseling 
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration
Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design & Technology
Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management 
Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching 
Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling 
$570 per credit hour

For our full-time online undergraduate programs and online undergraduate certificate programs, some rates may vary. See below for a comprehensive list of tuition rates.

Undergraduate  Program Tuition 2018-2019
All Undergraduate Programs 
except A.S. in Early Childhood Education, B.S. in Child Studies
and B.S. in Nursing
$570 per credit hour 
A.S. in Early Childhood Education
and B.S. in Child Studies
$505 per credit hour
B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Note: Students will also be charged a one-time simulation fee, see the Fees section below for more details.
$440 per credit hour

All Undergraduate Certificates                                                      
$570 per credit hour

2018-2019 Additional Fees that May Apply to You

Technology FeeTechnology Fee is assessed on a per module basis to students enrolled in courses for technology provided by the University.
per MOD

Electronic Course Materials FeeA per course fee for courses requiring Electronic Course Materials. Electronic Course Materials are course materials that are available in a completely electronic format.
per course

Simulation Fee for B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN) Students will be charged a one-time simulation fee when they enroll in classes for the first time. $600