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Online Student Refunds

To withdraw from an online course, you must send an email to

No other form of communication will be accepted for drops or withdrawals. Tuition refunds will be made according to the following schedule:

  • 100% of tuition will be credited for online courses if notice of the drop is received by Friday 5 p.m. EST prior to the beginning of classes

  • $150 per course will be charged for online courses if notice of the drop is received by 5 p.m. EST of the first Friday of the module

  • $150 per course will be charged to students who fail to participate and are administratively removed from the course

No tuition refunds will be granted after 5 p.m. EST of the first Friday of the module.

Financial and academic deadlines are often different. Always contact the proper office before making any changes to your schedule. The contact numbers for these offices are:

Office of the Registrar: 203.596.4613
Office of Student Finance: 800.345.2562

Post University reserves the right to make changes to tuition or tuition policies at any time.

Some states have amended refund polices, please visit the state approvals section.

Campus Student Refunds

Since faculty and staff salaries are made in advance of course activities and the cost of the physical campus are fixed, Post University must have a limited refund policy. Only after a student's written notice of withdrawal is received by the Registrar will a refund be considered. The date of receipt by the Registrar will be the official withdrawal date. The Registrar will determine the period of attendance and the Office of Student Accounts will calculate the refund and/or repayments to the federal, state, and Post University financial aid programs.

Room Deposits

Room deposits are non-refundable.  

Refund of Title IV Federal Aid Main Campus

For students who withdraw and were Title IV recipients, the University calculates the return of Title IV funds to the federal government. The return of Title IV federal funds is calculated on a prorated basis from the student's date of withdrawal. The University will return on a prorated basis a student's Title IV financial assistance if withdrawal occurs before the 9th week (60%) of the semester. 

Cancellation, Withdrawal, Medical Withdrawal, Dismissal Main Campus

Students who cancel, withdraw for personal or medical reasons, or are dismissed (collectively referred to as "withdraw") will received a refund of tuition, room and board charges in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Tuition:

    • 100% of tuition charges will be credited if the student officially withdraws within the first week of the semester.

    • 50% of tuition charges will be credited if the student officially withdraws within the second week of the semester.

    • No credit of tuition will be granted if a student withdraws beyond the second week of the semester.

All students who drop below full-time status (fewer than 12 credit hours) after the established add/drop date will still be considered a full time student by the university.

  • Room:

    • Students who withdraw will be credited room charges according to the following schedule:

      • Within the:

        • 1st week          80%

        • 2nd week         60%

        • 3rd week          40%

        • 4th week          20%

  • Board:

    • In case of withdrawal before the end of a term, charges for board will be prorated on a weekly basis

For more information on Withdrawing from the University please review the University Withdraw polices under the Academic Polices section.

Student Refund Selection

For more information, please visit the Office of Student Finance's Student Refund Selection page.