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First-Year Throwback

Ready for your First-Year Experience?

This summer, we are introducing you to a few of the associates and faculty who will be a part of your Post family over the next 4 years. Learn more about their role in supporting your success, the experiences they had as a first-year college student, and get advice as you “take flight” on this journey. Welcome to Post!

Takeia Pitts

Academic Advisor Main Campus

Keith Knuffke

Academic Advisor Main Campus

Stephanie Dionne

Director, Center for Academic Success

Christopher Amoako-Kwaw

Academic Advisor Main Campus

Dana Anstett-Castro

Academic Advisor Main Campus

Caitlyn Masiewicz

Associate Registrar – Data Systems

Dr. Dylan Clyne

Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Dustin Bessette

Associate Program Chair – Computer Information Systems

Kayte Mills

Head Coach – Women’s Lacrosse

Susan Garry

Information Services Librarian

Alex Larsson

Academic Success Counselor and Associate Faculty

Brandi Young

Assistant Director of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Natalia Peña

Lead Military Academic Success Counselor

Stephanie Caban

Chief of Staff, Office of the Deans

James R. Whitley, JD

Dean, John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education

JC Hopkins

Marketing Manager

Michael Wynn

Social Community Manager

Joan Huwiler

Director of University Communications

Caitlin Grant

Assistant Director, Online Honors Program

photo of anya

Anya Nicole Jackson

Post University, Class of 2022

headshot of sabrina

Sabrina Martino

Post University

headshot of kat

Kat Takita

Post University, Class of 2021

“Talk to your Professors! Open those lines of communication with them they want to help.”

Dana Anstett-Castro, Academic Advisor Main Campus

“This is new to everyone, if you have a question, just ask!.”

Takeia Pitts, Academic Advisor Main Campus

“Take your time and enjoy it, the real world will be coming fast!”

Keith Knuffke, Academic Advisor Main Campus

“I tried out for the school play my second semester of my freshman year and I feel in love with acting. I still do it today!”

Stephanie Dionne, Director, Center for Academic Success