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Post University High School Academy

The College Experience. The College Credit.

Access Higher Education While in High School!

At Post University High School Academy, high school students are able to take undergraduate courses and earn valuable college credit—while they are still in high school. In these university-level courses, students will enhance their academic accomplishments through the experience and rigor of a college course, interact with peers and Post University faculty, and get a head start exploring fields of interest.

Post University High School Academy (HSA) offers college credit-bearing courses via three convenient modalities:

  • 8-week accelerated online classes
  • 16-week classes taught at the high school by your Post approved instructor
  • 16-week semester classes at Post’s scenic Waterbury campus


Post’s HSA is dedicated to supporting students who wish to invest in themselves by providing equitable and affordable access to an early post-secondary learning experience with college classes for high school students. HSA will cultivate within students a vision of success, at the collegiate level and beyond, through personal, meaningful, and enriching coursework.

“High School Academy was the head start I needed to adjust to college successfully.”

Mei-Li Phung – Homeschool (2024), Post University (2027)

“Post’s High School Academy has been an incredibly wonderful experience for my homeschooled daughter. I highly recommend this program to all high school or homeschool students.”

Jeannie Phung – Parent

“I took advantage of the Post High School Academy via my high school Holy Cross in Waterbury, CT. I thought this was an excellent opportunity to not only get a head start on college but also a way to explore different types of courses that might pique my interest.”

Alana Snow – Holy Cross High School (2021), Post University (2025)

“High School Academy and Early College High School is the perfect place for an enthusiastic learner to reach their potential. You can really discover things about yourself that you never knew you were capable of.”

Gabriella Francis – Early College High School / Crosby High School (2024)

My experiences at Post through the High School Academy have been nothing short of delightful. Through the courses I have taken I’ve discovered my true potential as a student. Students and Professors alike are so welcoming, no matter your learning modality or your age. You will feel at home in this community and the High School Academy program at Post.

Bejamin Dressel – Pomperaug High School (2022)

“I have been able to watch them make leaps and bounds in their maturity and confidence while taking these classes. They gain communication skills, time management skills, and most importantly, the knowledge that they have the ability to tackle university-level coursework.”

Shea Coughlin – Registrar/Media Manager, Education without Walls

“The HSA Program at Post is an amazing opportunity for students to earn college credit at a fraction of the cost. I love that they are given a college transcript upon completion, which is not the same with an AP course.”

Jennie Batista – Applied Technologies Instructor, Oxford High School

“Joining the Early College High School through Post University’s High School Academy has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

Mickal Holmes – Early College High School / Crosby High School (2024)

“The opportunity that Post University provides to high school students is second to none. Our collaboration allows our students to not only earn college credits but earn a certification in Paralegal Studies. The education they receive from our in-house attorney and staff members and collegiate professors at Post is of the highest caliber.”

Breanna Riollano – School Counselor, Department Chair, Thomaston High School

“Waterbury Public Schools’ Early College High School (ECHS) at Crosby High School is an outstanding partnership with Post University High School Academy…The successful student at ECHS becomes well positioned for college and beyond.”

Dr. Verna D. Ruffin – Superintendent, Waterbury Public Schools


What Is High School Academy?

Post University High School Academy is the opportunity to save time and money on a college-level education while student’s earn college credit, all at a 90% tuition reduction. Students can take courses online, at their high schools, or on Post’s Waterbury campus.

Unlike AP credit classes, credit earned with a passing grade through HSA courses is applicable to a degree or certificate program at Post University. Transferring of credit to other institutions is always at the sole decision of the receiving institution.

One more thing: HSA students are Post University students. They will have access to the support and resources available to all of our students, including events, student IDs, tech support, academic advising, 24/7 tutoring services, University swag, and more!


Have you been thinking about the next step, the education you want to pursue after high school? Why wait? Get a head start on your collegiate career before you earn your high school diploma with credit-bearing classes in Post University High School Academy (HSA)!

Complete coursework for general education requirements, electives, or explore potential majors in classes filled with like-minded college peers. Explore your choice of over 50 programs in academic areas only offered at the collegiate level, from paralegal and criminal justice to STEM and marketing. Earn course credits that can be used now for your high school diploma* and later for a Post undergraduate degree or certificate. And do it all in a flexible, supportive format that is convenient to you, through:

  • 8-week accelerated online classes
  • 16-week classes at your high school
  • 16-week semester classes at Post’s scenic Waterbury campus

Plus, at $300 per course, HSA saves you money as well as time. It is like giving yourself a scholarship for a 90% tuition reduction! And there is no limit to the number of courses you could take through the academy. With 8-week accelerated online classes, you could graduate high school with a diploma and college with an associate degree simultaneously!

* Students seeking HSA courses for dual credit at their respective high school should consult with their school counselor.


Parents and Guardians

You know what it is like to have a high-achieving scholar in the home. In fact, your child is likely already well on the way to scholastic success at the high school level. But you also know you can do more; you can help them get off to a better start in life right now!

This is how: Post University High School Academy (HSA)!

HSA is the academic challenge your child needs to prepare for life after high school. It will help them build confidence, explore new and diverse fields of interest, and earn real college credit—at a 90% tuition reduction—before they leave high school!

If, after graduating high school, your child persists with undergraduate studies at Post University full-time—either at the Main Campus or through our virtual learning options—they will be eligible to receive a 20% tuition reduction on remaining undergraduate coursework.


High School Administrators, Educators, and Counselors

As a school counselor and educator, you care about all of your students. You talk to them about their hopes, about the SAT or ACT, about college. And you help them prepare for their future including guiding them through the college admission process, researching scholarships, and even scheduling advance classes. But now you are running out of programs that will challenge them and further encourage their love of learning. Your students deserve the best educational opportunities possible.

You are there for them. And Post University High School Academy (HSA) is here for you!

HSA gives your students the ability to check out new subject areas, build university-learning experiences, earn college-level credit, and get a head start on what it takes to succeed in the workplace. It also gives you the scheduling flexibility needed to challenge and bring out the best in them.

Whether taken in 8-week online courses, at your school in 16-week course blocks, or on our Waterbury campus, Post’s HSA programs are modeled after similar programs proven to perform. *

*As evidenced by various studies and papers regarding Early College High School initiatives presented by the nonpartisan, not-for-profit American Institutes for Research (AIR),

Encourage your district and leadership to explore an educational partnership through Post University High School Academy today! We are here to help. We will work with you to build a program model that makes sense for your school, your district, and most importantly, your students. To learn more, contact Chad McGuire, Director of High School Academy and Continuing Education Programs at [email protected] or 203.596.4532.

Partner Schools/Districts/Organizations

As a school leader, you respond to the changing needs of the community you serve by providing visionary, instructional, and administrative leadership. After all, you are focused on giving students the tools needed to motivate further academic progress, transition into the workforce, and pursue educational opportunities in trade or college. Here is one more thing you can do for them:

Partner with Post University High School Academy (HSA).

HSA gives every student in your community the ability to check out new subject areas, build university-learning experiences, earn college-level credit, and save a significant amount of money.

Plus, we can create program models to suit your high school’s specific educational needs. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer 8-week online courses as well as 16-week campus-based courses. Or we can credential your staff to provide 16-week classes within your own classrooms. We will work with you, visiting your school personally to help assess needs and offer solutions. Below you will find our current list of participating educational partners:

  • Advance Preparatory International (TX)
  • Ansonia High School
  • Bloomfield High School
  • Boys and Girls Club of Greater Waterbury
  • Capital Prep Harbor School
  • Derby High School
  • Education Without Walls
  • Explorations Charter School
  • Faith Preparatory School
  • Great Oaks Charter School
  • Hartford Public Schools
    • Capital Preparatory Magnet School
  • Highville Change Academy
  • Holy Cross High School
  • Hope Academy
  • IM LiFEE (TX)
  • Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
  • Mercy High School
  • Naugatuck High School
  • Nonnewaug High School
  • Oxford High School
  • Seymour High School
  • South Hadley High School (MA)
  • The Bridge Academy
  • The Marvelwood School
  • Thomaston High School
  • Torrington Christian Academy
  • Upper Echelon Academy (FL)
  • Waterbury Public Schools
    • Crosby High School
    • John F. Kennedy High School
    • Waterbury Arts Magnet School
    • Waterbury Career Academy
  • Waterbury Youth Services
  • Watertown High School

Your community deserves the best educational opportunities possible. You are there for them. We are here for you!

Are you interested in partnering with Post University High School Academy to give your community additional educational opportunities that can really pay off in the long run for your students and your schools? Contact Chad McGuire, Director, High School Academy and Continuing Education Programs at [email protected] or call 203.596.4532.


For more information complete the form or contact Chad McGuire, Director of High School Academy and Continuing Education Programs at [email protected] or 203.596.4532.

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