Connecting Entertainment Devices to the Post University Network


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If you're living on-campus, chances are you have a bunch of devices with you that connect to the internet! From thermostats to TVs to hand-held consoles, most devices come with WiFi these days. Laptops, tablets, phones are no problem, and easy to connect the the Post Academic Wireless.

Description: Devices connecting to the network

Because the Post Academic Wireless Network uses a strong, enterprise-based security protocol called WPA2-Enterprise, many other devices will not be able to connect to it wirelessly. These devices are consumer oriented, and are designed to work with home networks. Don't forget - WPA2-Enterprise is different from WPA2-Personal, which you may have at home!

If your device can't connect wirelessly to the Post Academic Wireless Network, then it may need to go on the Student Entertainment Devices Network.  This network is specially designed for network devices and will not work with Laptops, tablets or phones.  

What devices should you connect to the Student Entertainment Devices Network? There is no definitive list, but most non-computer devices do not support WPA2-Enterprise. Smart TVs, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, DS and older Amazon Kindle e-readers all do not support WPA2-Enterprise and should be put on the Student Entertainment Network.