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At Post, we believe that every organization has unique needs, so we custom-design learning programs to address specific needs and outcomes. Our programs get at the heart of what makes good companies become even better. That’s how Post Makes It PersonalTM.

Our programs are real-world based and highly customizable, designed and facilitated by scholarly practitioners experienced in their field of study. Our adult learning experts work collaboratively with each partnering organization to create an optimal educational experience, whether it’s a one-day seminar or an entire degree program.

Convenient program delivery formats

Convenient program delivery formats including online, or face-to-face at your site or on Post’s 56-acre traditional New England campus.

Customized ProgramsSeminars, for-credit courses, certificate and degree programs developed to meet your company’s specific needs.

Partner in Education PerksPartners in Education perks, including Exclusive Tuition Pricing and more!


Go beyond the standard "one-size fits all" programs offered by training organizations, and let Post University provide learning experiences customized to your business' needs. With the guidance of our award-winning faculty, your associates complete projects and assignments that directly benefit your organization while increasing their knowledge and skills. It’s a personalized educational opportunity for your employees and and customized for your business.

Developing an exceptional workforce that can produce extraordinary results means addressing both the personal educational goals of your associates, as well as the goals of the organization. 

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Customizable Employee Development Courses & Learning Opportunities:

  • Leadership Development – Building Organizational Bench Strength
  • 21st Century Time Management
  • Professional Communication: eMail Correspondence and Letter Writing
  • English Language Institute – English for Business
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Professional Development
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs and Certificates

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