Post University Summer Academy

High school students:
Looking for something fun to do this summer?
How about something fun that will look great on your college applications?

Join us this summer for exciting programs that can help you find your passion and get a head start before your first college semester.

At Post University’s Summer Academy, you’ll meet other students who share your interests while you work alongside experts in the field. You’ll even have the option to earn college credit through our coordinating online High School Academy courses.

You can choose our :

CSI : Crime Scene Investigation

Experience hands on introduction to the Criminal Justice System.  Learn how crime scene investigators solve cases by identifying, collecting and interpreting evidence to aid in the discovery, arrest and prosecution of criminals. University faculty and Law Enforcement professionals will offer high school aged students a week long experiential course at Post University. This is not as seen on television; it is the real process Connecticut police officers utilize every day.

A combination of police procedure, human behavior and forensic science are united to reconstruct criminal acts.  The Post University CSI Academy spotlights current principals employed by law enforcement and crime scene investigators with a hands on approach and application for attendees. A glimpse into how the police, courts and corrections work together within the American Criminal Justice System will also be offered. Are you a current high school student who is ready for the week long experience and challenge on the Post University Campus?

ART: Portfolio Preparation Studio

Post University’s Portfolio Preparation course of study helps serious young artists ready their portfolios to be competitive among art and design college applicants and aspiring fine arts majors. Develop as an individual and an artist, the program’s focus will be in Drawing and Ceramics, learning from new techniques and materials. Delivered as a college-level studio experience and designed to help students make the leap from thinking like a high school art student to thinking like an artist making art that reflects a new level of skill and personal vision.

CTC: College to Career (CTC101)

This week long summer program introduces the students to the tools they need to transition them in their chosen direction after high school. The skills taught in this course are imperative to ensuring that each student has a clear understanding of how to succeed and thrive in college, and in the work force.

Students will engage in activities that will help them in identifying interests, aptitudes, values and lifestyle. They will complete mini assessments, explore goals, practice interview skills, resume writing and networking through interactions with guest speakers and senior staff at Post.

ROBOTICS: Build Your Own Robot

Using a combination of mechanical, electrical and software engineering, learn how to design, assemble and program a robot using your own Arduino microcontroller, included in the Sparkfun RedBot kit. With RedBot, an electrical engineering prototyping platform, you’ll learn about electronics and how circuits function. Plus, you will rapidly create and deploy your ideas as you bring your robotic creations to life!

Use controllers to operate lights, motors and LEDs, and then test your engineering skills in a series of competitive challenges with your classmates using the robot you’ve designed. Showcase your robots at the end of the week and take home your Arduino kit to tinker with.

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Christina Agvent
Director of Strategic Partnerships