Online Tuition & Fees

Special Tuition Rates
Post University Online offers the following Tuition Benefits to Active Members, Veterans, and Eligible Family of our military who enroll in our Accelerated Degree Program (Online or Evening & Weekend).
See below for more details.

Active Military Members
At Post University, active duty military personnel can earn a professional certificate, undergraduate degree, or even a master's degree entirely online. We work with you to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Eligible Family Members 
Under the Post University Military Program, Military Benefits and/or Financial Aid may fully or partially cover costs for eligible family members. 

The GI Bill Benefits and Yellow Ribbon Program may cover some of the costs. Veteran students may also apply for financial aid to cover any expenses not covered by their GI Bill benefits. 

Learn more about the Financial Aid process.

Graduate Programs 2017-18
2017-18 Military
Master of Business Administration (MBA) $730 per credit hour
$399 per credit hour
Master of Science in Accounting
$625 per credit hour
$399 per credit hour
Master of Education
Master of Public Administration
Master of Science in Higher Education Administration
Master of Science in Human Services
$570 per credit hour
$399 per credit hour
Graduate Certificate in
      Corporate Innovation 
      Finance (GCF)
      Project Management
$730 per credit hour
$399 per credit hour 
Graduate Certificate in
      Alcohol & Drug Counseling 
      Higher Education Administration
      Non-Profit Management 
      Online Teaching 
      Professional Counseling 
$570 per credit hour
$399 per credit hour 

Undergraduate  Programs  2017-18
2017-18 Military
All Undergraduate Programs 
except A.S. in Early Childhood Education,
B.S. in Child Studies, and B.S. in Nursing(RN to BSN)
$570 per credit hour
$250 per credit hour
A.S. in Early Childhood Education
and B.S. in Child Studies
$505 per credit hour
$250 per credit hour
B.S. in Nursing (RN to BSN)
Note: Students will also be charged a one-time simulation fee,see the Fees section below for more details.
 $440 per credit hour$250 per credit hour
All Undergraduate Certificates                              
$570 per credit hour
$250 per credit hour

2017-18 Books and Fees
Books and Electronic Course Materials
 $0 Covered by Post University
 Fees  $0* Waived by Post University

+ Post University Online programs are listed in the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) catalog, which enables students to receive tuition reimbursement support available under DANTES for the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Army Reserves, Air Force Reserves, and the Air National Guard.
*Students in Master of Science in Quality, Innovation and Improvement program must pay a one time fee ($1500) for their professional certifications.This fee is not charged by Post University but administers it on behalf of the certifying entities.

Post University DoD Tuition Rates (PDF)