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Departmental Directory


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Academic Affairs For better service, please choose from among the Academic Affairs areas listed below.
Academic Advising:
Main Campus Students: 800.660.6615 [email protected]
International Admission: 203.591.5234  
Online Students: 800.345.2562, ext. 2508 [email protected]
American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences Students 866.877.0249 [email protected]
Academic Dismissal   [email protected]
General questions regarding Academic Affairs: 203.596.4574 [email protected]
Grade Appeals: Please complete a grade appeals form and/or contact your academic advisor directly.
Graduate Programs: 800.345.2562, ext. 2741 [email protected]
Honors Program: 203.591.7419 [email protected]
American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences 800.729.2427 [email protected]
John P. Burke School of Public Service and Education: 203.591.5126 [email protected]
School of Arts and Sciences: 203.591.5126 [email protected]
School of Continuing Education: 203.591.5126 [email protected]
The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business: 203.591.5126 [email protected]
Academic Support / Tutoring (Center for Academic Success): 203.596.4633, 203.596.4629 [email protected]
Main Campus Students: 800.345.2562 [email protected]
Online Students: 800.345.2562 [email protected]
American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences Students 800.345.2562 [email protected]
Associate Experience: 203.596.4612 [email protected]
Associate Faculty Services: 203.591.5666 [email protected]
Athletics Business Manager
Blackboard Helpdesk: 866.604.5625  
Bookstore   –
On-Campus Store (apparel and other merchandise): 203.596.4688 [email protected]
Campus Security: 203.596.4502  
Communications/Public Relations Office: 203.591.7147 [email protected]
Reporter Inquiries: 203.591.7147 [email protected]
Counseling Center: 203.596.4585 [email protected]
Emergency Closing Announcements: 203.596.8589  
External Event Planning: 203.596.4608  
Facilities (On-Campus): 203.596.4660  
Financial Aid/Office of Student Finance    
Financial Literacy and Federal Student Loan Repayment Advisors: 203.591.7105 [email protected]
Financial Aid Services:    
    Main Campus   [email protected]
    Online  800.345.2562 [email protected]
Student Account Services:    
    Main Campus 800.345.2562 [email protected]
    Online  800.345.2562 [email protected]
    American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences  800.829.2427 [email protected]
Fiscal Operations and Reporting: 203.596.4608  
Accounts Payable 203.596.4572  
Controller 203.596.4570  
Financial Analyst 203.596.8322  
GL Accounting 203.596.8387  
General Information: 800.345.2562  
Graduate Programs:
   Readmission Requests:
800.345.2562, ext. 2741
800.345.2562, ext. 2508
[email protected]
Health Services for Main Campus Students: 203.596.4503 [email protected]
Human Resources / Associate Experience: 203.596.4612 [email protected]
Information Technology Office: 888-458-POST (7678) [email protected]
International Student Services: 203.591.5234 [email protected]
Library: 203.596.4560 [email protected]
Mailroom:   [email protected]
Military Students: 800.345.2562 [email protected]
  Veteran’s Affairs Certifying Official: 203.596.4616  
Orientation (for new Main Campus students) 203.596.4661 [email protected]
Partner Engagement / Education Partnership Program: 203.596.4555 [email protected]
Payroll (for University employees only):   [email protected]
President & CEO’s Office
   Vice President’s Office:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Provost’s Office: 203.596.4574 [email protected]
Public Relations / Communications Office: 203.591.7147 [email protected]
Reporter Inquiries: 203.591.7147 [email protected]
Registrar’s Office:    
Main Office 203.591.7123 fax: 203.841.1152 [email protected]
Transcript Questions/Requests: 203.591.7123 Order Transcripts – Students
Graduation Information: 203.591.7123  
Veteran’s Affairs Certifying Official: 203.591.7123  
Other Requests:    
     Main Campus Students: 203.591.7123  
     Online Students: 203.591.7123  
     American Sentinel College of Nursing & Health Sciences  303.557.2780 [email protected]
Residence Life/ Student Life:   [email protected]
Student Career Services (Center for Career and Professional Development):   [email protected] or

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