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Student Success Stories

#ProudPostGrad Testimonials

Discover how learning with Post helped these graduates succeed, and find out what they loved about being part of the Post family.

Experience #ThePostDifference

What makes Post different? See for yourself! Our team of faculty, Financial Aid Advisors, Student Success Counselors and other associates create meaningful relationships with students. Our associates are an integral part of what makes a Post education experience extraordinary and are how Post Makes It Personal.

See What Our Students Are Saying


“For me, Post made it personal with the small classes. I was able to meet professors and get to know them.”

John Gibbons, 2018 graduate

“You’re able to balance both a personal and a professional life.”

Lisa Cassella, 2018 graduate

“If I can show the world I can do this…there’s no reason they can’t.”

Andrea O’brien, 2018 graduate

More Success Stories

Post University alumnae Maria Sanchez, owner of Sweet Maria’s bakery in Waterbury, Conn., discusses the importance of supporting small businesses (every day) and explains how she puts her Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree to work every day.

Jessica Blanchard: A Building Block to Helping Others

The reason Jessica Blanchard wanted to pursue a psychology degree was to help others in need …

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Nora Eyle: Becoming a Business Owner

After her time in Post’s integrated MPA program, Nora Eyle decided she wanted to become a business owner.

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Robert McGrath: Blending Two Passions

Robert McGrath was sure of two things before starting his journey at Post, he was born to teach, and he loved business…

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Hector Vasquez: Flexible Learning a Key to Success

Flexible learning is important for all adult learners. For an adult learner with a family and two careers…

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