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Associate Faculty – CIS (Main Campus)

Post University is accepting applications for Associate Faculty roles in all CIS courses (Cybersecurity, programming, database, and networking courses at our Waterbury, CT campus) to join our team.


Post University is a world-class, non-traditional learning institution with over 100 years of rich tradition in making career goals and aspirations a reality for countless students across the United States and over 40 countries.   Our growth history is based on retaining passionate professionals who treat students and each other with amazing service.  Our business model is simple – “We Make It Personal!”; “We CARE!”

The Post success story is based on our daily journey wherein each associate lives thinks and behaves “outside the box” of traditional solutions or cultures.   Post University is a family of the best and brightest trailblazers inspired by our routine way of life – bold, disruptive, and fun!  We are singularly focused difference-makers in the classroom, our communities, and the non-profit charities we support!          


At Post University, our Associate Faculty are dynamic, professional educators. They skillfully engage with students through delivering exceptional, personalized learning and student coaching experiences that add unique value in helping students fulfill their career goals. Associate Faculty provide whole-hearted investment in students’ future through their caring time, talents, expertise, and energy. This position shares equal accountability for each student’s success which explains why the position is not referred to as ‘adjunct’. Our Associate Faculty are a vital and valued part of our student’s learning experience and our Academic Affairs team. In the CIS program, this position will support student learning in the assigned courses as outlined above. 

Post University seeks experienced, creative, and committed Adjunct Associate Faculty for our on-campus courses.  Flexible hours can be arranged for evening classes.

Post University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems program provides students with core knowledge that is necessary for the computer information systems discipline. Students learn about information systems and information technology at a variety of levels and more importantly learn the relationship between information systems and technology to businesses and the organizations that they support. As information systems and technology have become intertwined there is a critical need for individuals that can see the big picture and subsequently communicate with all entities in the organization. This program provides the core knowledge and related learning outcomes to create graduates that understand information systems and technology on a variety of levels. Throughout the program, students will be asked to identify and follow local and global trends in IS/IT. Graduates could secure entry-level positions as network and computer systems administrators, software engineers, computer user support specialists, and IS/IT project managers. Students will also be prepared to start graduate studies in information systems.

Our associate faculty must value innovative and engaging multimedia teaching and experiential knowledge and be committed to our student’s personal growth and development.

Must have a minimum of a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems, or a related discipline:


  • BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS (As referenced in The Post Way of Life – Associates’ Daily Commitments): We expect our associates to CARE (Connect-Assess-Resolve-Excite) in every stakeholder interaction. CARE is a framework to guide our every decision and action. CARE also resonates with our diverse associate & student populations – as humans, we know what it means to CARE. 
  • We CONNECT. We believe relationships matter. Not only do we believe relationships matter, but we also know there is a direct correlation between the quality of our relationships and the quality of our outcomes. We invest in our relationships with colleagues, students, and ourselves – we make time to tend to our mental, physical, financial, and professional health.
  • We ASSESS. We take the time to understand why something happened fully; we remove assumptions and eliminate confusion or ambiguity by asking questions and creating context, certainty, clarity, and mutual understanding. We collaborate with others throughout the university by understanding their strengths and their value to the tribe. When we encounter conflict, we first seek to understand and be understood – and always with respect.
  • We RESOLVE. We generate the trust of our colleagues, students, regulatory bodies, and greater communities by always doing the right thing—even when nobody is looking. We honor our promises by following up and following through. We help others learn and grow by sharing information and feedback.
  • We EXCITE. “Making It Personal” is the experience we promise to each student and associate in every interaction. Excitement is the heart of our experience. We find ways to wow, amaze, and delight others by being resourceful and helpful. We embrace change, take risks, and innovate. We celebrate successes and recognize the accomplishments of others.


  • A minimum of one-year teaching face-to-face or classroom teaching experience
  • Experience with teaching any of the programming, cybersecurity, networking, or database courses
  • One or two IT certifications would be an added advantage

As a member of our Post University team, the individual will share in a 133-year tradition of helping people achieve their personal and professional goals. Located in Waterbury, Connecticut, Post University has a vibrant campus and an excellent online program. Founded in 1890, Post University is a student-focused, career-driven university committed to providing students with the knowledge, personal skills, and experience required to be leaders in their chosen fields

Interested candidates should forward cover letter, resume, and three references to Post University Associate Experience.

Disclaimer: This opportunity may be withdrawn and/or amended.

POST UNIVERSITY IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER that employs in compliance with all applicable laws. We do not discriminate because of sex, sexual orientation, age, race, color, religious creed, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, handicap or other legally protected status. Equal access to programs, service and employment is available to all persons. Those applicants requiring reasonable accommodation to the application and job interview process should notify the Director of Associate Experience, Post University.

"Post University a great place for great minds to develop their careers, no matter what role you fulfill."

Donna, Post Employee for 25 years

"You really build a strong relationship with each student, and their success becomes your success."

Caitlin, Academic Success Counselor

"The work environment at Post is extremely positive and happy, and you have the opportunity to connect with your employees."

Gina, Post Management