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Each year, for the past five years, beginning in early March, Baldrige Dean Dr. Jeremi Bauer pours over academic records, scans hundreds of discussion board posts, talks with professors and reviews the GPAs of the students who are eligible to graduate from The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. Like a hockey player hunts a puck, Bauer is in pursuit of who will be named a Baldrige Scholar. Since 2019, over 140 Post students, who come from throughout Connecticut and the United States, Puerto Rico as well as internationally from Germany, Italy, London, and China comprise the select and elite group of Baldrige Scholars.

Indefinable Qualities + Smarts

How one becomes a Baldrige Scholar is still somewhat of a mystery. It’s an indefinable quality, or je ne sais quoi as the French would say. But rest assured the selection process does factor in the character of the student, their community work, as well as their GPA. The award also takes into account the eight Bachelor of Science degrees and five Master of Science degree programs offered in the School. Between the Dean and the School faculty, they have had a chance to observe students throughout their time at the university.

In the end, the students selected represent the top five percent of the graduating class in the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business. Clearly, becoming a Baldrige Scholar is a privilege. Moreover, for many students – including the five associates in this year’s class – it is an emotional experience for those selected.

The 2023 Baldrige Scholars will be honored a dinner on May 11 at the Watebury Country Club