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The Student Online Assistance Resource (SOAR) will offer mental health counseling, financial and legal support, and personal convenience services to students and their families.

Continuing its promise to provide every student, regardless of modality, with the tools and resources needed to succeed, Post University has launched the Student Online Assistance Resource (SOAR). The new online platform will provide 24/7 access to several important services, including counseling, financial resources, legal support, and personal convenience services.

The platform launches at a critical time: according to a study conducted by Best Colleges, 71 percent of students reported increased stress levels due to educational disruption from COVID-19.

“Post University has made the well-being of its student body a priority,” said Lisa Antel, director of the counseling center. “These services are particularly supportive given current external stressors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic downturn, and on-going racial tragedies. We lessen their effect on our students’ mental health and academic success by caring for each of our students in a holistic way—and that’s what this program enables us to do.”

SOAR will give Post students access to:

  • Counseling Services– Post students will be eligible for up to three confidential counseling sessions per year with licensed, professional counselor to address personal, emotional, and psychological concerns.
  • Financial Resources– On-staff Certified Public Accountants (CPA) can assist students with financial planning, debt resolution, tax guidance, and more.
  • Legal Support– Students can access “on-call” licensed attorneys for legal guidance on matters such as adoption, home purchases, will preparation, and more.
  • Personal Convenience Services– Specialists are available to provide qualified referrals for child and elder care, pet care, college planning, buying a car, and more.

Family members living within the same household as a Post student also can access SOAR services at no cost.

SOAR is now accessible through the Student Portal and complements You@Post, the university’s online wellness tool offering career support, academic counseling, goal setting applications and mental health material.

SOAR is the result of a new partnership with ComPsych, the world’s largest employee assistance program provider. With over 35 years of experience in the field, ComPsych provides services to more than 53,000 organizations, including many major universities, throughout the United States and 170 countries.