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Students who earn at least 12 credits and maintain between a 3.5 and 3.75 term GPA during the Spring 2020 grading period are eligible for Dean’s List. In order to be eligible, students must earn individual grades higher than a C and may not have an incomplete or W grade.

Congratulations to our students who were honored with Dean’s List.

 Sandra Abel Equine Studies
 Angela Aittaniemi Human Services
 Jennifer Akers Criminal Justice
 Tenishiana Allen Psychology
 Fabiana Arrigo Early Childhood Education
 Susan Arrington Accounting
 Amirah Ashley Communication and Media Studies
 Mylaecha Aska Child Studies
 Crystal Bare Computer Information Systems
 Andre Barreira Management
 Sarina Bello Human Services
 Ligia Benedetti Human Services
 Melinda Benton Business Administration
 Rebecca Bertrand Equine Studies
 Jazzmon Black Management
 Kimberlee Blackett Computer Information Systems
 Simone Blake Human Services
 Debra Blockson Human Services
 Jennifer Bouffard Child Studies
 Shellie Bradley Child Studies
 George Bray Accounting
 Crystal Brewster Management
 Sean Brosnan Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Diana Brown Early Childhood Education
 Katelynn Brown Psychology
 Kayla Brown Equine Studies
 Chad Burnett Management
 Glenda Burns Psychology
 Luis Cabrera Management
 Savannah Carvalho Early Childhood Education
 Sara Castaneda Human Resource Management
 Veronica Castro Management
 Cynthia Cave Human Services
 Verlande Celestin Human Resource Management
 Ailyn Cervantes Early Childhood Education
 Aly Charles Business Administration
 William Chitwood Business Administration
 Shelby Choquette Human Services
 Sharon Clarke Early Childhood Education
 Nile Cobb Child Studies
 Kassandra Cody Psychology
 Sherri Colgate Management
 Ashlei Colon Management
 Joseph Compton Equine Studies
 Rocio Covarrubias Criminal Justice
 Anna Cox Human Resource Management
 Tammie Cox Criminal Justice
 Michael Cuevas Early Childhood Education
 Jerome Cuthbert Finance
 John Daigle Business Administration
 Kaylee Daigle Early Childhood Education
 Christine Davis Human Services
 Hayley Davis Equine Studies
 Kearra Davis Criminal Justice
 Kimberly Davis Early Childhood Education
 Yasmine Davis Child Studies
 Melissa Debardelabon Business Administration
 Matthew DeMaio Computer Information Systems
 Shamus Denniston Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Scarlet Dent Computer Information Systems
 Anthony Detweiler Criminal Justice
 Mamadou Diallo Management
 Kaylan Dixon Psychology
 Remington Doane Human Resource Management
 Kristen Dobrynski Early Childhood Education
 Amy Dominguez Accounting
 Alexsandra Domondon Criminal Justice
 Kayla Dotson Business Administration
 Sheanell Dougall Business Administration
 Junoir Douyon Criminal Justice
 Mandi Dowjat Early Childhood Education
 Michael Drake Management
 Charlene Dukes Business Administration
 Andre Duncan Computer Information Systems
 Samantha Earnest Business Administration
 Chris Ebisuya Early Childhood Education
 Nichole Ecret Equine Studies
 Teresa Eddy Psychology
 Danielle Eggers Human Services
 Augusta Ejiofor Human Resource Management
 Samantha Elias Human Services
 Georgette Espinoza Business Administration
 Ginni Estevez Management
 Miranda Etheridge Business Administration
 Roger Farmer Computer Information Systems
 Coraima Feliz Management
 Carly Femniak Communication and Media Studies
 Dimitri Fenrick Communication and Media Studies
 Kenneth Fiers Management
 Michael Fleming Management
 Islyn Flowers Human Services
 Micia Floyd Early Childhood Education
 Adrienne Ford Computer Information Systems
 Annie Freeman Accounting
 Joanna Galligano Business Administration
 Endesha Gant Accounting
 Erika Garcia-Guzman Child Studies
 Shelly Garibay-Ramirez Accounting
 Gloria Gerena Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Felecia Gibson Criminal Justice
 Shane Gilbert Computer Information Systems
 Bobbi Gillis Accounting
 Kimberly Giordano Marketing
 Angela Gonzalez Psychology
 Adam Gootee Computer Information Systems
 Adrian Gordon Criminal Justice
 Meleke Gordon Marketing
 Leanna Graves Criminal Justice
 Khadijah Gray Human Services
 Keneshia Griffin Business Administration
 Michael Guerin Psychology
 Robert Gulbrandsen Management
 Bryant Hall Business Administration
 Jade Halm Early Childhood Education
 Aaliyah Hanning Early Childhood Education
 Christopher Harrell Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Emily Harris Psychology
 Destani Harwood Psychology
 Jonathan Hawkins Computer Information Systems
 Vernia Heno Legal Studies
 Jenifer Hernandez Legal Studies
 Sara Hernandez Business Administration
 Jessenia Herrera Early Childhood Education
 Shane Hice Finance
 Erica Higgins Criminal Justice
 Priscilla Hill Business Administration
 Ruby Hogg Early Childhood Education
 Abby Honeycutt Psychology
 Jamie Houlihan Human Services
 Dana Howarth Accounting
 Jessica Howe Human Resource Management
 Enda Huff Psychology
 Jetaun Humphrey Early Childhood Education
 Alicia Jackson Psychology
 LaConya Jackson Psychology
 Tylia Jackson Management
 Antonielle James Child Studies
 Merveilleuse Jasmin Human Services
 John Jenkins Management
 Joshua Jenkins Business Administration
 Emir Jimenez Criminal Justice
 Michael Johnson Business Administration
 Shameka Johnson Legal Studies
 Stephanie Johnson Human Resource Management
 Rian Jones Early Childhood Education
 Crystal Keesy Equine Studies
 Kristy Khan Early Childhood Education
 Courtney Kichline Psychology
 Joann Knapp Equine Studies
 Kayla Kress Business Administration
 Lauren Lafferty Equine Studies
 Viergeline Lafleur Criminal Justice
 Michael Lamere Business Administration
 Shacara Lamont Psychology
 Abigail LaPoint Accounting
 Caroline Lassetter Equine Studies
 Tara Leaphart Accounting
 Dominique Lee Psychology
 Marie Leone Human Services
 Destiny Ligons Child Studies
 Debora Lopez Ponce Human Resource Management
 Cristina Lopez Business Administration
 Karen Lundy Child Studies
 Caitlin Maag Child Studies
 Heather Magao Accounting
 Maria Maggio Business Administration
 Julio Malave Criminal Justice
 Robercy Maldonado Business Administration
 Margaret Mariani Human Services
 Laura Marrujo Psychology
 Barbara Marshall Business Administration
 Latrina Martin Early Childhood Education
 Jacqueline Martinez Business Administration
 Jahnien Matteson Psychology
 LaDaysha Matthews Psychology
 Michelle McCarthy Accounting
 Jami McCarty Early Childhood Education
 Kassy McClimans Equine Studies
 Keisha McKinzy Psychology
 Ayla McNeil Equine Studies
 Tammy McPhee Management
 Dasanty Mctavish Child Studies
 Thecla Mercier Accounting
 Catherine Mestad Equine Studies
 Christa Mierez-Pitter Child Studies
 Kate Minor Human Resource Management
 Alejandra Miranda Psychology
 Roxanna Mize Management
 Hilary Mondelci Business Administration
 Kendra Montgomery Early Childhood Education
 Daniela Montufar Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Bobby Moore Criminal Justice
 Teiara Moore Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Joshua Morales Accounting
 Michael Moser Human Services
 Daniel Myers Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Jose Negron Burgos Business Administration
 Maria Nelson Business Administration
 Eryn Newcomb Management
 David Nguyen Management
 Danielle Nienstedt Human Services
 Jessica Nieves Legal Studies
 Paige Nonamaker Child Studies
 Dennis Norgard Accounting
 Catherine Ohnemus Child Studies
 Holly Oliver Human Resource Management
 Thomea Oliver Management
 Krystal Osborne Early Childhood Education
 Rashid Osmanu Management
 Pinar Ozyigit Psychology
 Evangelia Pamias Psychology
 Robert Panetta Human Services
 Asma Parham Legal Studies
 Nicole Parker Early Childhood Education
 Michaela Parks Early Childhood Education
 Tiffany Parris Criminal Justice
 Morgan Paternostro Human Services
 Tiffany Perkins Early Childhood Education
 Rebecca Perry Accounting
 Gordon Pettigrew Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Bich Thu Pham Accounting
 Jacob Phillips Marketing
 Aliyes Plasencia Child Studies
 David Plazola Criminal Justice
 Brittany Polito Accounting
 Raquel Pool Child Studies
 Nicholas Porter Computer Information Systems
 Heather Powell Business Administration
 Amy Powers Psychology
 Maria Price Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Alexi Priscal Marketing
 Patrickk Rath Criminal Justice
 Carlon Raysor Human Resource Management
 Johnesha Reddick Child Studies
 Twila Reese Human Services
 Cassandra Richards Equine Studies
 George Ricks Jr Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Dominique Riddick Human Services
 Tami Riley Criminal Justice
 Tabbatha Roberts Management
 Daniel Rodriguez Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Santa Rodriguez Legal Studies
 Sydney Roe-Weaver Early Childhood Education
 Osbaldo Rojasvazquez Management
 Marian Rollins Legal Studies
 Heather Roman Psychology
 Shatiara Runnels Child Studies
 Phillip Salazar Emergency Management and Homeland Security
 Makayla Saldana Early Childhood Education
 Shyanne Sallaz Early Childhood Education
 Cassandra Salveson Legal Studies
 Jillian Sampson Psychology
 Lisa Sanchez Psychology
 Sabrina Sandoval Human Services
 Joseph Santiago Communication and Media Studies
 Dominique Satterfield Early Childhood Education
 Amber Sauro Child Studies
 Jovan Schand Legal Studies
 Candace Schrader Human Services
 Samantha Schwarting Business Administration
 Sharon Sears Management
 Kelsey Sescila Child Studies
 Kimberly Shaw Psychology
 Jack Shegos Computer Information Systems
 Justin Shupert Equine Studies
 Rachel Skinner Communication and Media Studies
 Zeonna Small Criminal Justice
 Erica Smith Accounting
 Anita Speed Human Services
 Fabienne St Preuve Human Services
 Kelly-Ann Steere Finance
 Kasey Stefanelli Accounting
 Kaitlin Stein Child Studies
 Ashley Stewart Early Childhood Education
 Brandi Stewart Legal Studies
 Kimberly Stone Psychology
 Lindsey Strang Psychology
 Pamela Stubbs Human Services
 Jennifer Sturrock Human Services
 Tiffany Swenson-Shanahan Human Services
 Lindsay Swilling Human Services
 Deon Tabron Computer Information Systems
 Franklin Tatro Legal Studies
 Brianna Taylor Criminal Justice
 Michael Teixeira Criminal Justice
 Jessica Templar Psychology
 Adrianne Thomas Psychology
 Deshun Thomas Management
 Deleta Thompson Human Services
 Melissa Timms Business Administration
 Jonathan Torres Human Services
 Christopher Tullo Accounting
 Maria Villaverde Criminal Justice
 Heather VonDielingen Equine Studies
 Sabrina Wade Early Childhood Education
 Paduma Wanigasekaragunathil Management
 Kayla Watkins Legal Studies
 Milton T Watson Business Administration
 Patrick Weaver Management
 Travis Weimer Sport Management
 Tammy Weis Human Services
 Jordan Wells Equine Studies
 Rachel West Business Administration
 Stacy West Human Services
 Alice Westbrook Human Resource Management
 Tiara White Psychology
 Ryan Whitefield Business Administration
 Ashley Williams Criminal Justice
 Joyce Williams Early Childhood Education
 Stacey Williams Human Services
 Aaron Williamson Criminal Justice
 John Winchester Human Services
 Mary Windom Human Services
 Dani Witke Equine Studies
 Jordon Womack Child Studies
 Remington Woodhull Human Services
 Steven Wooten Business Administration
 Eric Wright Equine Studies