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Careers that require a computer information systems degree are growing fast. After all, organizations increasingly rely on big data to inform important business decisions. With the applications of virtual reality, artificial reality and the Internet of Things, the demand for trained computer information systems experts is also booming. Businesses big and small need to have access to professionals and resources to help them make the most of their computer systems and networking capabilities. Find out what you can do when you enroll in Post University and get a bachelor of science in computer information systems degree.

Why Computer Information Systems

Computer technology has been the primary driving force in everything related to commerce and industry on a global scale for decades. To be able to manage computer technology and information safely, securely and efficiently, companies are pushing for increased demand in computer information systems (CIS) trained professionals. Whether you are interested in becoming a CIS business owner or a consultant for enterprise clients, the basic skills you develop in accredited programs like the one at Post will help you thrive in either career paths.

CIS Degree Basics

Computer information systems is also known as business information systems (BIS) or management information systems (MIS) depending on where you apply. However, the underlying concept of the training is the same. You are tasked with learning how these technologies work so you can decide how to best solve IT problems for businesses.

The related fields of computer science and information technology combine to create this area of study. If you have any training in either of these subjects, you are already a step ahead of the competition with a solid knowledge base to work from. When you have a computer information systems degree, you learn how to best apply practices in both computer science and information technology to be able to analyze the problem on the meta-level. Skills in computer coding can also provide value. Computer coding is an instrumental concept that you have to grasp in order to effectively work in the computer information systems industry.

Careers for CIS Grads

With a computer information systems degree, you can pursue a multitude of career pathways. While there are dozens of CIS-related jobs available today, the field is constantly expanding as new technologies and cyber systems, as well as cybersecurity threats, are realized. In other words, computer systems technology is not going away any time soon.

When you attend Post University for a BS in Computer Information Systems, you are getting more than just a piece of fancy printed paper. You are prepared to work professionally as a cloud administrator or security administrator. In addition, a computer information systems degree will help you pursue careers as a:

  • Computer technician
  • Network technician
  • Network administrator
  • Senior network administrator
  • Information technology manager
  • Information technology director
  • Systems administrator
  • Information technology manager
  • Information technology operations manager
  • Information systems technician
  • Technical support specialist
  • Desktop engineer
  • Help desk analyst
  • Technical support specialist
  • Systems support analyst
  • Technical support specialist
  • Information technology analyst
  • Information technology senior analyst
  • Programmer analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Office assistant
  • Project manager
  • Consultant

Preparing with a CIS Degree

At Post University, coursework for our Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree is developed according to a National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. This program prepares you to tackle threats internally within computer networks and externally among computer users. You learn how to use the latest technology and skills for defending networks within organizations.

Our students develop a mix of skills in technology, business, and computer science. We provide you with opportunities to realize applicable skills in computing and computer-based processes, as well as security, legal, ethical and social knowledge for working in the field. You are also exposed to the latest IS/IT trends at the local and global levels. In addition, we provide our students with the opportunities to enter internships for real-world experience.

CIS Internships

At Post, we work hard to help you pursue work with a wide range of companies, from local computer service shops to enterprise brands as big as Ford Motor Company. We also provide students with training opportunities to potentially intern with military or government agencies. These internships are often the best way to get your foot in the door with otherwise obscure businesses and organizations. Whether you continue your career with a job offer from one of these companies after graduation or not, the skills you get through the internship are going to continue providing the reward.

Get Started in CIS Training Today

Ready to learn more? Contact Post University today and start taking advantage of the opportunities afforded with our Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree. We offer affordable tuition and state of the art computer technology to give our students the best services possible. Let us know how we can assist you in the enrollment process whether you need help with financial aid or with applying to the program.