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Student Portal Guide

 Accessing the Student Portal

New Students 
Login credentials are sent via email as part of the admissions process. Each student will receive a username (student e-mail address), password, a link to access the portal including directions to log in. The username and password will also get them into all the appropriate Post University sites they need. (Office365, Blackboard,, etc.)

Existing Students
The login credentials are their Post University login and password. The same one currently used to access Blackboard or any other Post site. Existing students can log in from by clicking the Student Login link in the top right corner of the banner of the webpage.

Student Portal Home Page Preview

It reflects an individual student’s information. The six tiles in the center of page provide the student with their most frequently visited sites. Shortly, improvements will be made to the left-hand side menu. This menu also will be easy to navigate. Below is the current image that students will see. The top of page two, illustrates the visual we are striving to deliver to students.

  • Classroom: This is the access point to Blackboard.
  • Profile: Student personal information is here. Please check to make sure it is accurate.
  • Registration: This is for online courses only.
  • Student Email: This is student email and access to Microsoft 365 products.
  • Finance: Financial aid, Award letter, Bank Mobile, as well as payment arrangements is here.
  • Document Center: This tile will help a student submit important documents required by your University support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student has forgotten their password, what should they do?

Please set up an alternative email address and phone number in Office 365 to allow for self-service password resets. (Personal email and cell phone are best). A student can also contact our IT Department’s 24/7 Tier One support at 1.888.458.POST. Students can also reach out to their assigned support team for a quick password reset resolution.

Why do we have a Student Portal?

Post University is constantly innovating and looking for ways to create an extraordinary student experience. We want our students to have access to their information when they want it. Our Student Portal will provide each student their own view of their information.

Can students see their degree progress?

Coming soon! This feature will be available in the My Academics section of the portal and will allow students to see their progress against their degree program requirements, remaining requirements and transfer credits as applied to their degree.

Can students register online?

Yes, online students will be able to register. Once the student submits the registration, their ASC receives a notification to approve the registration. The ASC must approve the registration before the student’s registration is complete.

This feature is not an option for On Campus (Main Campus) students. Any on campus student with registration questions should reach out to their Academic Advisor for support. 

If students have questions, your advisor is your first point of contact for assistance.

At all times, a student has access to these individuals in the portal: Admissions Counselor, Academic Advisor/Academic Success Counselor, and their Financial Aid Advisor. Students can send an email directly to the appropriate advisor.

Student Portal Access

Log in from by clicking the Student Login link in the top right corner of the banner of the webpage.

Technical Help
Contact IT at 1.888.458.POST

Your advisor is your first point of contact for assistance, please email or access them via the portal.

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