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Graduate Program Study Trip to Ireland

Unfortueately this study abroad trip has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Do you know that every year that the graduate students from Post University have an opportunity to travel abroad?

We spend one week in Limerick Ireland (and the surrounding area). Studying, learning, exploring, and enjoying the businesses, government, education and people of Ireland. We have a wonderful time. We take this trip every May and this year it runs from May 23rd to May 31st.

If you are interested be sure to tell your ASC so they can help you plan for the right class during that time. Feb 28th is the first deadline – so if interested reach out and get informed.

Go explore, ask questions, observe, and learn!

I'm Interested – what do I do?

First talk with your ASC to make sure your degree plan is set up for you to be in the proper course.

  • MBA and MSA students can check their course requirement below.
  • If needed, check with financial aid to see what you have available.
  • Book your flight (and that of your guests, if any).
  • Fill out the travel form.
  • Fill out the Post Release Form. (this will be provided closer to the date)
  • Send the flight itinerary, the Release Form and the Travel Form 2020 to Dr. Hunt at  [email protected]
  • You will receive a confirmation and more information as it becomes available.
  • We will make the hotel and local travel arrangements.

For planning purposes, it is necessary that students commit by 2/28/20. Again, part of this commitment is to book your flight and forward the itinerary information, along with the Release Form and the Travel Form 2020, on to [email protected]. The itinerary information will be used to ensure someone is at the airport for your transfer to the hotel. The sooner we know who is going, the sooner we can get final prices on the hotel and other activities. We have a policy of NOT cancelling this trip, so you can rest assured we will be going.

Course Requirement to Participate

You must be enrolled in the following course for Term 6, which stats May 4, 2020.

MBA Students

  • BUS527

MSA Students

  • ACC512

All Other Graduate Students

  • Please reach out to your ASC for guidance
Airfare, Lodging, Meals, & Local Transportation

Students are responsible for their airfare. They will need to make arrangements to arrive in Shannon International Airport in the am on May 23, and depart in the am on May 31. You can book the flights on your own or you can utilize Dynamic Travel.  For convenience we have made arrangements with Kate at Dynamic Travel to book the flights within the appropriate time frames. 1.800.808.3801. Ask for Kate and tell her you would like flights for the Post University Limerick trip. She will assist you.

Cost of the airfare is $600 for NYC area airports, however, this cost is dependent upon where a student is departing from and when they make the reservations. All are subject to change.

The folks at Limerick Institute of Technology are working with us and local vendors to arrange a deal for lodging and more. Last year the rooms for the week ranged from $520 per person for a triple to $1035 per person for a single. The rooms will be reserved by me, and each student will be responsible for payment upon departure.

If you have a roommate that you want to room with we can make that arrangement. Otherwise we will be assigning same sex roommates on a random basis.

Last year the cost for rooms, airport transfers, welcome dinner, all breakfasts, tours of the companies, visits to LIT (our partner University), and a trip to the Cliffs of Moher was all included in the prices above.

These rates should be tied down within 2 months of departure. We need a solid count – the more people we have the larger the discount.

We will be staying at the Savoy Hotel in Limerick Ireland. It is centrally located in downtown Limerick, close to shopping, pubs and just about anything you might want to do in the local area. The hotel staff are wonderful with helping folks book additional tours, tee times, and anything else they need. You do not need a car while there unless you want to do a countryside tour on your own. The busses go anywhere you need, and the tours pick up either at the hotel or within a block or two.

Except for breakfast included at the hotel, and the first night reception, and the wrap up tea, all meals will be the responsibility of the student. Most meals are pretty reasonable – depends upon where students choose to eat. Pubs are always a good deal. The breakfasts provided by the hotel are very nicely done and include just about anything you could possibly want.

Local Transportation
Local transportation will be provided by Limerick Institute of Technology at no charge for most of the trips. There will be quite a bit of walking, weather permitting, so if you might have an issue, please make a note in the travel form under accommodations. We may need to take a city bus for a couple of places, but the cost there is only about 1 Euro. We will be taking a trip to Dublin on one of the days, currently we do not know the cost, it will depend upon the number of people we have going.

Financial Aid & Subsidy

Financial Aid
The costs for the trip qualify for financial aid. However, a student needs to have enough available award. Please check with your tuition planner regarding any financial aid issues.

Post University will subsidize students participating in this trip $500. This subsidy will be done in the form of a credit to the student’s account upon completion of the trip and upon completion of the blog posting (see below). It takes a little time to process and should show up in Term 2 as a credit to your account.

To earn the subsidy participants will be required to blog, tweet, and otherwise post about their activities and adventures on this study tour, promoting Post University and the programs they are participating in. The subsidy will only be applied if the students actively participate in the social media activities.

The subsidy will be considered income on the student’s 1098T.

*Does not apply to MAMBA students.

Guests & Extended Stays

Students who want to bring a guest are welcome to do so, however local transportation is only provided for the activities listed in the itinerary. A guest who wants to explore on their own would be responsible for their own transportation.

All travel expenses for the guests are the responsibility of the student or guest and the $500 subsidy is not available to guests.

Many people had guests with them in past years. Most guests ventured out on their own as a group, and all had a wonderful time.

Extended Stays
Students who wish to go early or stay later will be responsible to find their own transportation to/from the airport and the hotel in Limerick.

All expenses associated with a student’s extended stay are the responsibility of the student.

Sample Schedule of Events

Please download the Proposed-Itinerary-Ireland-2020

**please note that the company and local area visits are still being worked on so the final places are not yet available and some of this is subject to change. Previously we visited 3 companies – it was one of the most interesting parts of the trip.


See what previous students had to say …

“If time and funds permit, take this course whether or not it fits into your curriculum. I say this because no matter the field, I think these are topics we should all know and discussions we should all have. Global business affects us all simply because it’s the world we live in therefore it’s important to have some sort of knowledge as to why certain things are the way they are.”

“In addition, students should take advantage of the trip as well. I’ve taken many courses thus far, some I remember, some I barely remember but this one I will be remembering for a long time. It’s a different experience even if you are a world traveler. You get the chance to meet other students outside of blackboard and actually share experiences in another country, visit multinational companies and learn about their operations, experience a different culture and create memories that will last a lifetime.“

“It was amazing to hear the differences that each of us uncovered. No longer was our information from a website, we were able to base it from talking to people like the President of LIT, our ambassador and just the friendly people we met along the way.”
Also check out the blog post, Exploring the World Through the Limerick, Ireland Graduate Study Abroad Program.


Again, if you are interested, please reach out to your ASC. They have all the information – they are ready to share and help you get set up for a trip of a lifetime!