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Chief Organizational Development & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (COD & DEI OFFICER)

Post University is seeking a Chief Organizational Development & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (“COD & DEI OFFICER”)

Our Story:
Since 1890, Post University has been known for its innovation and focus on providing every online and on-campus student an extraordinary educational experience with an unmatched level of personalized support. Among the first in the nation and the first in the State of Connecticut to offer full degrees online, Post fuels the personal aspirations and career goals of its students with inventive and robust learning technologies that deliver in-demand undergraduate and graduate degree programs, small class sizes, individual attention, and customizable degree concentrations. Post is a private, for profit university offering over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs. Post currently employs 710 full-time employees and 943 Associate faculty employees (hereafter referred to as “associates”). The total student body consists of 15,000, including 1,000 undergraduates based on the main campus, 12,000 undergraduates online and 2,000 online graduate students.

Post University’s mission is to provide students with the knowledge, personal skills and experiences required to become leaders in their chosen careers. They prepare students to become confident, competent, and competitive participants in the global marketplace.

Recognized for its Honors Program, NCAA Division II athletics, and its pioneering role in online education for more than twenty years, Post University is licensed by the state of Connecticut through the Office of Higher Education. Post University is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and has been continuously accredited since 1972. Selected programs within the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business are programmatically accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Post is ranked among the best by U.S. News & World Report and recognized as a Top Workplace USA 2021.

Post University is a legendary, dynamic, growth-oriented organization of passionate, diverse professionals united in pursuit of life changing service to countless students.  Their “Make It Personal” mission is the driving tenet that shapes all aspects of how they treat students and each other.  The Post University success story is well positioned to be second to none.  As their amazing story unfolds, the new COD & DEI Officer will help ensure their journey achieves Post’s imagined future priorities by creating a transformative culture that is the gold standard for organizational development, workplace diversity, equity, and social justice. 

The Role:
Location:  Waterbury, Connecticut  
Reports toChief Executive Officer & President              

Position Summary:
The Chief Organizational Development & Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer provides strategic leadership to cultivate a University climate that prioritizes organizational development and champions diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism. The COD & DEI Officer will direct the execution of best practice strategies which confirm Post’s leadership in this area with its associates, students, alumni, and the community at large.  The COD & DEI Officer’s efforts will utilize a fundamental approach that is consistently based on collaborative involvement, transparency, feedback, outcomes analysis, innovative thinking, boldness, and the highest ethics. Organizational effectiveness, diversity, inclusivity, and social justice should become engrained in how Post community members behave throughout each workday because of the change agent leadership efforts of this position.   

Key Responsibilities:


  • Performs all priorities in a manner which enhances Post’s imagined future accomplishments, national brand, and community reputation.
  • Establishes credible, open, cooperative, and collaborative dialogue/relations with associates, students, alumni, external business partners, outside agencies, local government, local school systems, etc.
  • Conducts comprehensive, systematic assessment of Post’s organizational development, diversity, equity and inclusivity status compared to targeted metrics. This current state assessment would include a review of various operational and employment policies, etc.  For similar reasons, a formal assessment process would be designed and executed focused on all phases of students’ experiences at Post (i.e. orientation, classroom experience, tutoring assistance, residence hall life, etc.) 
  • Determines relevant metrics to monitor, evaluate, and highlight improvement opportunities related to Post’s goal to be a leader in sustaining and promoting growth excellence, racial equity, diversity sensitivity, and social justice for all – within Post and externally.
  • Collaboratively engages other functional leaders overseeing Associate Experience, Training and Development, Culture Transformation, etc. in achieving targeted outcomes.
  • Develops departmental budget that aligns with approved expectations and reflects fiscal competency.

Change Agent

  • Directs Post’s OD efforts and champions Post’s DEI efforts to assist in fulfilling Post’s related, strategic objectives.
  • Identifies barriers that inhibit fulfillment of Post’s related mission and adopts effective solutions.
  • Creates safe space protocols and options that reinforce transparency and establish effective outlets for associates or students to address related concerns that aren’t likely resolved through their supervision.
  • Partners with the Communications Department to develop and communicate effective messages, resources, etc. that help facilitate Post’s sustaining its transformation as a leader in the area of organizational excellence, diversity, racial equity, and social justice.
  • Serves as Advisor to Post’s Inclusion and Diversity Council.


  • Conducts People Manager coaching (group and individual) using progressive techniques that enhance application of new learnings.
  • Networks with select professional organizations to stay current regarding latest trends, insights, best practices, etc. related to role accountabilities.
  • Selects and oversees performance of external subject matter expert(s) consultants whose educational services help accelerate Post’s achievement of its related goals.
  • Determines solutions to effectively evaluate to what extent educational experiences are actually being applied and show up in behavior change.

Community Liaison/Ambassador

  • Determines and builds relationships with various external business associates, agencies, not-for-profit organizations, governmental entities, etc. who represent appropriate partners to help further Post’s established diversity, equity, and social justice goals.
  • Partners with local school systems to creatively facilitate their efforts to promote racial sensitivity and social justice acceptance by students prior to adulthood.
  • Promotes community events in collaboration with the Events Department which strengthen Post’s reputation in the area of racial equity and social justice.


  • Prepares executive presentations and reports which smartly update their audience or recipient as to related progress, challenges, solutions, recommendations, etc.
  • In collaboration with other functional leaders, may design and administer relevant surveys to compile role related feedback from associates, students, etc.
  • Ensure that diversity, inclusion, and social justice initiatives comply with relevant state, federal laws, and applicable regulations.
  • Assists in integrating acquired associates’ behavior shift to mirror Post expectations.

The Person:

Professional Experience:

  • Fifteen years of experience at the senior management level in the Organization Development/DEI field.
  • Experience working in a service-related organization is preferred.
  • Demonstrated related knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines related to affirmative action and civil rights enforcement.
  • Proven track record of designing and deploying effective programs which transformed an organization’s diversity, inclusivity and social justice sophistication using non-traditional strategies.
  • Prior experience working in public relations or in role that interfaces with external community partners is preferred.

Personal attributes:

  • Motivated by the mission of Post University.
  • Passion for and prior experience with advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion from the perspective of influencing culture and working to change behaviors across an organization.
  • Able to develop on-going educational and training tools that will advance DEI awareness and skills of the leadership and staff.
  • Proven ability to serve as an organization development/diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic thought partner to the executive leadership team and throughout the organization.
  • An effective change agent with an ability to challenge the status quo, gather ideas of others, demonstrate good judgement about which ideas will work.
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to influence at the senior level and throughout the organization.
  • Excellent communication skills with prior experience in positions requiring communication with a broad and diverse audience.
  • A patient and good listener; willing to take the time to learn the organization and the people within it, seeking to understand how each group functions and contributes.
  • Maintains and actively works to build relationships internally by gaining trust and respect of teams and departments.
  • Compassionate influencer; approachable and easy to talk with; high level of emotional intelligence and able to put people at ease.
  • Enjoys working in fast-paced environments.

Master’s degree in Organizational Design and Development, Human Resources, Social Sciences, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, or another related field.

Post University is an equal opportunity employer that employs in compliance with all applicable laws. We do not discriminate because of sex, sexual orientation, age, race, color, religious creed, marital status, national origin, ancestry, disability, handicap or other legally protected status. Equal access to programs, service and employment is available to all persons.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact:

Toya Lawson    
Partner, Bridge Partners

Janet Albert
Partner, Bridge Partners


"Post University a great place for great minds to develop their careers, no matter what role you fulfill."

Donna, Post Employee for 25 years

You really build a strong relationship with each student, and their success becomes your success."

Caitlin, Academic Success Counselor

The work environment at Post is extremely positive and happy, and you have the opportunity to connect with your employees."

Gina, Post Management