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Post University Blog

If you’ve got a passion for law enforcement or criminal justice, adding these 10 dynamic blogs to your daily reading queue is a great way to stay inspired and in the loop. They give you an up-close and very realistic sense of what daily life is like fighting crime and protecting the public, offered from several unique points of views in very distinct voices.

1) Discover Policing

Perfect for the prospective police offer, this site provides a true-to-life look at what it takes to be an effective law enforcement professional. Officers share their personal histories and career paths in their own words and offer motivation in success stories from the field and a virtual ride-along.

2) Cop in the Hood

A smart and stimulating blog by Princeton- and Harvard-educated Peter Moskos, an associate professor in the Department of Law, Police Science, and Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Moskos was a Baltimore City police officer and has authored three books.

3) Improving Police

Former chief of police in Madison, WI, author and visionary David Coupe, shares insights from his 30-plus years in law enforcement, as well as his strong passion for improving American police departments.

4) Cops Alive

Information, strategies, and tools to help cops plan happy and successful careers, relationships, and lives, with a great focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Topics covered include diabetes, PTSD, cop suicide, and heart disease.

5) The Boogie Man is My Friend

The daily police beat as seen through the very entertaining and insightful writings of Momma Fargo, a still-on-duty, “older” female veteran cop who shares uncensored conversations and irreverent observations about her work, her life, and the world at large. Sarcastic and smart, this fast-moving blog is a blast to read.

6) Second City Cop

“The source” for Chicago police info written by active and retired cops is full of action and often controversy. You’ll find discussions about a recent case or arrest along with “ornery opinions” on city politics, journalists, rumors, and department issues. Definitely, one to check out if you enjoy heated debates and uncensored thoughts.

7) Riding in the Squad with Christ

Although not updated as frequently lately due to his enrollment in a Ph.D. program, this blog penned by a Christian police officer offers thought-provoking entries and warm-hearted success stories. The author’s goal is to highlight and promote “all the good that Christian police officers spread throughout their communities and to educate the public about the face and heart behind the badge.” He also tries to offer a counterpoint to some of the negative press directed toward those in law enforcement.

8) The Bad Luck Detective

Penned by prolific author and snappy dialogue writer Suzie Ivy, this blog chronicles her life as the first female officer in her small town. Ivy decided to join the police force at age 45, and she spent six of her eight years as a lead detective in Sex Crime and Homicide cases. Ivy’s blog features an excellent 20-part series of posts that describe what it’s like to attend a police academy.

9) The Director’s Desk

Tom Casady, a public safety director and former police chief in Lincoln, Nebraska, shares insightful and well-informed musings on updates and changes affecting his line of work. His writings provide a great way to stay current on public policy, hot topics, and national law enforcement news.

10) Raindogblue

Law enforcement professionals contribute poetry, photos, short stories, and guest memoirs to this very attractive and creatively inspiring blog that’s definitely not your typical cop blog.

If these 10 blogs whet your appetite for a life in law enforcement, consider earning an A.S. or a B.S. in Criminal Justice.