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Whether you are studying criminal justice or are already serving in law enforcement, this work is vital. Staying current on changes in the industry and the tools at your disposal is essential to helping you do your job well. You are protecting the lives of people around you, including the community and your co-workers, and need the right tools and information to do it well. One way to stay up-to-date with what is happening in the criminal justice world is to spend some time on popular law enforcement blogs.

Yet how can you know that the police blog you’ve stumbled across is worth your time? How can you be confident that the law enforcement articles you’re reading are accurate and useful? Here’s a look at some of the more popular law enforcement blogs out there**. Each brings something different to the field, with unique insight and voice. Some are humorous, while others are serious in nature. Take a look at these to decide which ones will help you the most.

8 Popular Blogs for Law Enforcement


1. American Police Beat

Looking for a blog that covers all aspects of the law enforcement field? In addition to news articles on law enforcement, this informative blog delves into funny crime accounts and the heroic actions of officers across the country. American Police Beat gives a true “behind the badge” insight as well. Check this one regularly to see what is new in the criminal justice world or to get an officer’s insight into current news stories.

2. Blue Sheepdog

Blue Sheepdog takes a hard look at law enforcement gear so officers and departments can choose the best products. It also has training articles and offers safety tips. The goal of the blog is to provide a comprehensive look at training and gear reviews in one place, helping officers and departments save time as they search for information to make their jobs safer. Both up-and-coming officers and officers already in the field can gain important insights through this blog.

3. Cops Alive

Cops Alive is on a mission to save the lives of “the People Who Save Lives.” The goal of this blog is to provide tools for law enforcement officials to use to overcome the stress and trauma that come with the job. It provides practical information and strategies that police officers can use to survive the stress that is common in this line of work. This includes advice about protecting wellness, avoiding post-traumatic stress disorder, and finding the right work-life balance.

Cops Alive does not focus on violence against officers, but rather on the other issues that are taking their toll on the officer population. This includes a higher risk of alcoholism, suicide, and heart attacks. By providing valuable insight into wellness and mental health directed solely at police officers, this police blog gives officers the tools they need to manage these common issues.

4. POLICE Magazine Blog

POLICE Magazine has several blogs dedicated to different aspects of law enforcement. It has a blog for patrol officers, police tech, vehicles, and women in law enforcement. These blogs make it easy to access the information that you are interested, no matter the topic. You can come to one place to hear straight talk from officers in the field, learn about the latest tools of the trade, and read law enforcement articles highlighting the bravery of female officers. Because it is part of a major publication, the blog stays up-to-date and covers some of the hottest topics in the field.

5. LEO Affairs

LEO Affairs is a place where law enforcement topics are discussed in a candid manner. It’s updated daily, talks about difficult things like Whistle Blower law and Internal Affairs, and brings some humor to the mix. There are no repercussions here, so you will get real information about the topics that those in law enforcement need to know to do their jobs well.

LEO Affairs also offers a forum. This can be a valuable tool to get honest insight into what is happening in the world of law enforcement. Because it is a judgment-free zone, you can get answers to your most pressing questions and concerns without any risk by becoming part of this growing community.

6. Square Cop in a Round World

Square Cop in a Round World  discusses the ethical issues in the police world. It calls for a greater level of accountability to protect the industry as a whole and to ensure police are using their authority properly. While it does ruffle some feathers, Square Cop in a Round World is helpful for new graduates with criminal justice degrees because it shows the real issues cops are facing today. It can also help new criminal justice professionals establish proper thinking about ethics and accountability as they start their careers.

7. Chief Kristen Ziman

Chief Kristen Ziman is the chief of police of the Aurora, IL Police Department. While this blog does have some local interest mixed in, Chief Ziman addresses national and global issues, as well. She often connects what is happening in Aurora to what is happening to law enforcement throughout the country. You will appreciate her personal insight into what life is like in leadership in the law enforcement world, and you will also get a look at what it is like in a small suburban community.

8. American Police Beat

If there’s a topic in criminal justice that appeals to you, you’ll find details about it on American Police Beat. Hot news stories involving police, details about major crimes, information about pay and benefits, mental health concerns, and even a “Believe It or Not” section are all found on this blog. Check it daily to see the top 15 blog posts listed at the top, or delve into your favorite section to get the latest details and information.

The amount of information on this cop blog can be a bit overwhelming. To use it best, filter the information based on the topics that are most interesting to you. This will help you sort the information and get to the posts that are the most relevant to what you’re trying to learn. If you are considering a career in law enforcement, these blogs can show you a bit more about what that might entail.

Once your academy training is completed, a BS in Criminal Justice may be necessary to advance your career or work in a specialized area of law enforcement. At Post University, we are here to help. Talk to an admissions counselor to learn more.

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