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Frantzy Noze has had his eye on the ball his entire life. One of those balls is getting his degree in sport management, which he just earned this past weekend when he graduated from Post University.

Frantzy Noze, Post University Class of '11

Frantzy Noze, Post University Class of ’11

The other is playing soccer professionally. He grew up playing the sport, and has been an integral player on Post University’s soccer team for the past four years.

Since he realizes how competitive the sport is, he also has a solid backup plan to have a successful career in sport management if pro ball is out of his reach.

They’re lofty goals, but Frantzy has a clear strategy for how he’ll make it happen.

He’s already worked hard at it during his time here at Post University, studying sport management. And over the past few months, Frantzy also participated in our co-op program with the New Britain Rock Cats, the AA Minor League affiliate team for the Minnesota Twins.

He worked 40 hours per week for the past 12 weeks with the Rock Cats, which earned him 12 credits toward his degree. He got involved in a wide range of programs and events with the team, including sponsor voucher programs, street marketing campaigns, ticket promotions, and stadium and game-day operations.

Our blogging team recently interviewed Frantzy about what it was like to work with the Rock Cats. Tune in to hear Frantzy talk about how he was selected for the program, what he got out of it, and his advice to other sport management students for how to be successful in the major and get involved in a co-op experience of their own.

Co-ops like Frantzy’s are an important aspect of Post University’s sport management program. The program is designed to prepare students to enter management, administrative, and marketing careers in sport and sport-related companies. Part of that is giving students hands-on, real work experience before they graduate. Co-ops are ideal for this.

In Frantzy’s case, he was able to get a co-op with a professional sports team right here in Post University’s backyard with the help of the Sport Management Academic Program Manager, Deron Grabel. For more information on Post University’s internship and co-op programs, visit our website.