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Education is a life-long pursuit that for many of us formally begins with preschool. It’s often the foundation that helps form a child’s independence, social skill development, sense of curiosity, and desire to learn.

The importance of preschool is one reason why I’m so proud of our Post University Early Childhood Associate Degree Program and Child Studies Bachelor Degree Program.

Student outside preschoolPreschool is now an accepted crucial step in a person’s educational journey. In fact, the benefits of preschool can last well into adulthood, finds a new study by University of Minnesota researchers.

They followed 1,386 children for 25 years, from age three until the present. Those who attended full-time preschool were more likely to experience a higher quality of life as adults by achieving higher income, education levels, and socioeconomic status.

Longitudinal studies such as this one are insightful. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of someone’s life isn’t dependent on education alone. There are many factors, both positive and negative, that can contribute to an adult’s life circumstances.

I had a few other things to point out about these results, which I posted in a comment on a U.S. News Health article covering the study. What are your thoughts on this study?