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I recently told you about how I moderated one of the educational seminars at the 2011 Connecticut Business Expo. It was called “Leveraging Your Unused Technology — Getting the Most Out of What You Have.” The panelists were Dave Rubino, Managing Director of AFG; and Bill Abram, founder and President of Pragmatix.

They shared some great insights, and gave me a lot of food for thought after the discussion was over. I distilled my takeaways in my post. But one maxim that really stuck with me is hire technology like you hire people. It’s a great piece of wisdom, and is worth more explanation and discussion than the paragraph I wrote at the time.

Well, this week I had a great conversation with InformationWeek’s Kevin Casey about the topic. We talked about how oftentimes, companies hastily introduce new technologies into their organizations with high hopes for adoption and return on investment, but the opposite happens.

Many employees don’t use the technology or don’t even want to learn how to use it, leaving the gap that you wanted to fill with the technology still wide open.

Kevin and I talked about how a better approach is to hire technology like you hire people. When you think about, the hiring process has some fool-proof tactics baked into it that nearly all new IT implementations can benefit from.

Kevin wrote two articles featuring the lessons he pulled out of our conversation. I’ll let him take it from here. So hop over to InformationWeek for his “4 People Lessons To Smooth SMB Tech Rollouts” and “3 Ways To Manage Underperforming Technology.”

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, Kevin. It was a pleasure.

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