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Sloan Consortium (also called Sloan-C for short) is one of the leading organizations studying the trends in online learning, and how higher education institutions are effectively creating quality online learning environments for their adult learners.

Jean Fredrick, Director of Marketing for Sloan-C

Jean Fredrick, Director of Marketing for Sloan

It has the inside track on what’s going on with online education at America’s institutions — what’s working, what’s not, and recommendations and guidelines for further improving what’s already out there.

So it stands to reason that the people from Sloan-C know more than most about what to look for in an online degree program. To our great pleasure, one of these people chose Post University to earn her online MBA degree — Jean Fredrick, the organization’s Director of Marketing. She’s planning to graduate in May 2012.

We thought it would helpful to drill into her decision-making process, because she clearly has a high standard for online degree programs. We’re hoping the process she used to lead her to Post University will give you guidance on your decision to pursue YOUR undergraduate or graduate degree online.

So we asked Jean if she’d be willing to be interviewed by our bloggers. She was game. Hit play to hear Jean provide details on:

All this from the perspective of someone who works at an organization that does nothing but help higher educational institutions develop and implement high-quality online degree programs.

We’ll also be posting the transcript of our interview soon.

Thanks again, Jean, for joining us on our blog. We look forward to speaking with you again soon!