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As Post University counts down to its 125th Anniversary next year, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the wonderful experience I had at the institution some 50 years ago.

Barbara Jannetty (middle), surrounded by four generations of family, recently became a great-grandmother.

Barbara Jannetty (middle), surrounded by four generations of family, recently became a great-grandmother.

I attended Post Junior College, as the school was known then in 1959, right after graduating high school.  Harold B. Post was the President of the school and the building was located in downtown Waterbury. We walked through the doors of a brick building from the sidewalk and up the stairs to the classrooms. I took a business certificate course, after taking college preparation courses during my four years of high school, feeling it was practical to learn the ways of the business world. I learned to type and use a comptometer, which was one of the first key-driven mechanical calculators, though I’m not sure if anyone even knows what that is these days!

While at Post I also very much enjoyed taking dictation and even got up to 120 words a minute. The business math I took was handy in later years when my husband and I decided to start a small business. My husband was working full-time as a hair dresser at the time and I was staying at home with the children, and we decided to start a business selling wigs. It was just at the time women began wearing hair pieces, and we would display the pieces at my brother-in-law’s beauty salon.

With the education I gained in the classroom I was able to keep track of our expenses and get all of the books in line. We didn’t run the business for a very long time, but in the time we did, it was quite successful and I attribute a lot of that to the business knowledge I gained at Post.

The teachers at Post made us feel as if we were finally on the road to maturity, and their guidance helped us excel in the difficult classes. You got the feeling at Post that you were all grown up for the first time. There was no one looking over our shoulders, it was all on you.

I went to Waterbury Catholic High School, which was a small all-girls school, so for me going to Post was really branching out. I met people I would have never met, and I learned so much from my peers. Post was always a diverse institution. I can remember befriending many groups of students, including a brother and sister of Middle Eastern descent who invited me to their apartment and introduced me to their culture and food. Their food was delicious, and I love Middle Eastern cuisine to this day! It was so interesting and rewarding to meet people of diverse backgrounds while at Post.

I have so many fond memories of when I attended Post and I hope the young women and men today will also have that pleasure along with a wonderful education. Congratulations to Post University on its 125th Anniversary! And a hearty thank you!

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