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A white-collar, desk-based job can provide a comfortable living and professional fulfillment, but even the most interesting desk job can eventually feel routine. Once you work in the same environment, fulfilling the same duties for long enough, boredom is bound to set in. At that point, staying motivated may take some effort. The following are a few tactics you can use to keep your energy up throughout the workday:

1. Eat healthyGirl on Computer

Few things will make you feel sluggish faster than that post-binge crash that will inevitably occur if you snack throughout the day or eat too much for lunch. Food should serve as fuel, but it won’t fuel you through a successful workday unless you put the right nutrients into your body. Keep your energy levels up with plenty of protein and several servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

2. Take regular walking breaks

The longer you sit at your desk and stare at the computer, the less motivated you’ll feel. Even a minute or two of moving your body can make a world of difference. Aim to get up from your desk and move around at least once every hour. In addition to taking brief walking breaks, it may help to take a longer walk at least once per day. A 2013 Leiden University study found that people who walked four times each week thought more creatively than those who remained sedentary.

3. Use a standing desk

If, for whatever reason, you cannot afford to get away from your desk every hour, you can at least enjoy the same physical effect with the help of a standing desk. Research on the physical benefits of standing desks remains mixed, but several studies indicate that these unique desks can significantly enhance workplace productivity. For example, a notable Texas A&M study published in IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics and Human Factors observed an astonishing 46 percent bump in productivity for workers who used standing desks over a half-year period.

4. Keep learning

Productive employees never make the mistake of thinking they know everything about their field. New technological developments are constantly emerging, and the more you know, the better you’ll perform on the job. Make learning a priority — it will show in your work. If you have time, enroll in a college course or pursue a business degree. Be sure to also read the newspaper and attend local lectures. You’ll come away feeling inspired and grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.
5. Listen to music

If listening to Mozart and other classical music as a child will make you smarter, then it would serve you well to continue to listen to music as an adult. While the science behind the ‘Mozart Effect’ is inconclusive, the cognitive aspects of listening to music are very real. Music can help you keep focused in a noisy or too quiet an environment. It can help you complete tasks more quickly, and keep you in a better mood. It’s not just classical music that you need to listen to either. Any genre can be used to set the right tone throughout the day.

Whether you’re at your job or studying for exams, we created a Spotify playlist to help you stay motivated throughout the day. Listen to our playlist here.

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