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What are you considering writing about for your speech?

To be completely honest, I am not 100% sure what I will be writing about. I have several ideas that I have been tossing around, back and forth in my head. I most certainly want to explain how my educational journey, as some would say, has been untraditional. In 2022, I lost two very influential people in my life, which threw me for a curve. I hope to make them proud, as they look down on me from above. Additionally, there are many individuals that I would like to thank, first being the Lord. I would also like to thank some members of the Post University staff and teachers, as well as many of my family members and close friends. Without the continual encouragement of such individuals, I am not sure what my path would look like right now.

What are some of your most memorable highlights from your experience at Post?

Although I was extremely nervous, when I began my journey at Post, I did have many memorable experiences, thanks to some extraordinary individuals. My first three semesters were probably some of my favorites, as I had the opportunity to learn from Professor Marie Russell and Professor Elsa Jones for almost a year and a half. Their education classes were the most enjoyable, as we were able to form a tight knit community in our classroom. Two professors that affected my educational experience greatly were Professors Simmons and Lambert. Professor Vivian Simmons would work with me for several hours, each Friday, helping me perfect my math skills. The most ironic part of this experience was that I always hated math, however, I ended her course with one of the highest grades I have ever received. Professor Lambert, a favorite communications professor, showed respect for me as a student and trusted in my abilities. Lastly, I was most fortunate to be assigned to the best advisor there is, Laura Amiot. She always made time to answer numerous emails, calls, and texts, as well as offered continual encouragement and unwavering support.

What advice would you give to current or future students?

Even though I spent the same amount of time as a main campus student, I feel as though I can speak better towards being an online student. There are several pieces of advice that I would offer current and future students. Above all else, stay on top of your work. Especially being an online student, eight-weeks is gone in the blink of an eye. Thoroughly read over all of the instructions for each assignment and reach out to your professor if you have any questions. If a physical copy of a textbook is available, purchase the book. It saves so much time, when completing assignments, quizzes, or tests, particularly if you have poor internet service, like myself. Finally, I highly recommend forming relationships with teachers, finance advisors, as well as academic advisors. One can never imagine how rewarding, such relationships can be.

Who has had the biggest impact on your life during your college career?  In your life?

There are many people that have greatly influenced by college career, as well as my life. It is quite difficult to pick only one person for each category. I would probably say that my mother has made the biggest impact on my life, particularly during my college days. She has also greatly impacted my personal life, along with my father and my brother. My recently deceased maternal grandmother was always influential, as well as a grandfather like figure, who also recently passed.

What’s next?

Well, that’s a great question. I have been applying for a variety of jobs in the field of education and teaching, as that is an area about which I am passionate. I have applied to several private schools within a short commute from my home in Prospect, Connecticut. I am also quite interested in college admissions and have been looking for jobs in this field. I would love the opportunity to work on a campus, providing potential students with a positive perspective, as well as a personal touch. My lifelong dream has always been to open my own private, Christian school one day, where all children are welcome and respected.