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Most people never consider what the safety of America (and the millions of its citizens) costs … but if you’re thinking about a job in emergency management and homeland security, chances are you have considered it, and want to help. If you’re not sure what kind of career might be right for you, here are five to explore:

1. Customs and Border Protection

Our borders are difficult to protect, open as they are by land, air, and sea. A career in customs and border protection serves two purposes: keeping out the wrong people and keeping out the wrong items. The latter includes agricultural products, dangerous biological agents, trafficked goods and more. The former includes criminals, wanted individuals or sex traffickers, for instance.

Working in customs and immigration gives you the opportunity to tighten homeland security and keep our nation safe inside its borders.

2. FBI Agent

If your mind is equal parts patriotism and curiosity, FBI agent might be a perfect career for you. Individuals who work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation engage in deep, sometimes undercover, investigations of a variety of types of lawbreaking: violent crime, financial crime, civil rights violations, corruption, organized crime and more. The FBI investigates a huge range of threats to the United States, from terrorist attacks to Mafia activity to financial theft from American taxpayers.

In directing and carrying out investigations, the FBI is instrumental in taking many criminals off American streets every year.

3. FEMA Employee

Working with FEMA is the epitome of a career in emergency management. Considering the acronym stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency, you will be well-positioned to respond to natural disaster, weather crises, outbreaks, terrorist attacks and more.

In coordinating care of people and delivery of services, you can help to make a substantial difference in the lives of Americans.

4. Secret Service Agent

Protecting the president is one of the top roles to which any security-minded individual could aspire. As a member of the secret service, you also protect others in the executive branch of the United States, including the vice president, cabinet members, former presidents, visiting dignitaries and family members of such people. Depending on your interests, you may work in a clerical role, provide IT support or act as security yourself.

This is an excellent way to see more of the country and world than you otherwise would.

5. Federal Protective Service

There are thousands of facilities and millions of people working for the government around the nation. They rely on the protection of the United States government to keep them safe while they perform their jobs, which is where the Federal Protective Service comes in.
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Roles in the protective services vary widely, from installation and upkeep of alarm systems to risk assessment to guard duty to K-9 management.

If you’re interested in any of these jobs – or indeed, any job that means assisting our country and those who protect it – a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management and Homeland Security could be the perfect degree program to help you achieve your career goals. With this degree, you’ll learn to respond effectively to crises on the local and national scale, lead decisively, uphold excellent ethics, assess risk and develop plans to meet it, identify potential terrorist situations, protect key individuals and more.