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Are you debating on changing your major? Do you want to take a different career path? Or, maybe you enjoy your current field of study but are unsure of the exact career path you wish to take once you finish your degree.  If any of these scenarios align with your current thought-processes, Awato is for you.

So – what is Awato? Awato is a tool designed to help you build the career path best suited for you.  After completing a series of quick assessments, the Awato platform can learn and analyze some 400 data points that can match you with careers you love and education paths you might want to pursue. Awato, along with our Center for Career and Professional Development, can help you determine what education programs and careers fit your interests.

After completing these assessments, you’ll be presented with suggested career paths based on the responses you provided. You will then be able to learn more about the career, including why it may be of interest to you, the expected salary, and what degree(s) associate with that career path.

The Awato Tool is a fun way to make sure that your academic focus is aligned with your dream job. It’s quick, easy and beneficial to anyone searching for some career guidance.

Click the following link to get started: Post Awato Login