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Katie Shpak

University Writer


School Attended: Quinnipiac University (freshman year only)

Major: English

throwback photo of katie and a friendFavorite Class: I loved my creative writing course. My professor was inspiring, and he really challenged us to be creative and explore unique writing styles. We wrote short stories, poems, journals and even a memoir. Not only did I learn more about myself as a writer, but I learned more about myself as a person

Did you live on campus?  Yes, I lived on campus. Aside from learning through academics, learning how to be independent was equally important to me. I was lucky enough to have awesome roommates, and I was close enough to home to visit frequently

Name something you tried.  Did you stick with it?  As a previous athlete, I was a bit lost as to what to do for physical activity. I began to lift weights in college, and I absolutely stuck to it! It is my passion to this day 😊

What’s one thing you wish someone had told you during your first year?  Get to know at least one classmate per class and exchange contact information. It is always good to be able to connect with someone when you need help with an assignment or even just to share ideas on the subject matter. Once I knew at least one person within each of my classes, my experience became significantly better