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Post University Blog

WATERBURY, Conn. (December 4, 2023) –  Post University has launched a national ad campaign that takes a lighthearted look at eccentric jobs as a backdrop to promoting the University and its degree and certificate programs.

The campaign, which premieres Dec. 4 across national prime broadcast channels, is the first of its kind for this top-ranked, Connecticut-based online school. The series of commercials showcase captivating narratives of real individuals with unconventional jobs to serve as a dynamic preamble to promoting the University.

The 30-second commercials spotlight five distinct nontraditional careers: ghost hunting, cheese sculpting, ear modeling, pet psychology and dialect coaching, with each professional offering a glimpse into the unique aspects of their trade. Post leverages the uniqueness of these careers to underscore its specialization in 50 degree and certificate programs ranging from business, to early childhood education to healthcare and a commitment to providing a personalized education.

“We hope to inspire students in a tongue-in-cheek way to garner awareness of diverse career paths within strong and continuously growing fields of business, healthcare, education and nursing,” said Post University President and CEO John L. Hopkins. “In today’s highly targeted and entertaining digital media channels, we believe this campaign defies the typical, standard images of students posing with textbooks in lecture halls,” he added.

Over the coming weeks, in an integrated multi-media rollout, Post will showcase the commercials in an advertising campaign on major broadcast networks including ABC, CBS and NBC during finale shows like “The Voice,” “Survivor,” “Amazing Race” and others. Post will also amplify its advertising presence among top platforms such as YouTube, Max (HBO), Paramount + and iHeart Radio.