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WATERBURY, Conn – (March 13, 2024) – The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University has been distinguished with the 2024 Inspiring Programs in Business Award by Insight Into Diversity magazine, a publication dedicated to diversity and inclusion in higher education. This accolade recognizes educational institutions that actively foster and support students from underrepresented backgrounds in pursuing careers in business. The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business was one of 27 recipients.

This recognition is a result of the school’s efforts to inspire a new generation of diverse talent to explore and embrace opportunities in the business field. The winners were carefully chosen based on their initiatives in mentoring, teaching, research, and the implementation of successful programs that encourage students from underrepresented groups to consider and pursue business careers.

Stephanie Caban, the program chair of management and chief diversity officer at the University’s business school, elaborated on the school’s proactive approach over the past three years. “Beginning with a comprehensive audit and revamp of 15 undergraduate and graduate courses, we emphasized the integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles into course assignments, readings, and discussion boards,” explained Caban.

Furthermore, the business school took strides in enhancing diversity within its 17 advisory boards. The institution also embedded a Racial and Ethnic Diversity Institutional Learning Outcome and implemented improved hiring practices to ensure that the faculty and staff are representative of the student body demographics.

Recognizing the pivotal role that business schools play in shaping a more equitable, just, and inclusive economy, this award underscores the business school’s influence in preparing students for the global talent market and fostering students to be change agents for the future.

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University has not only earned a distinguished award but their multifaceted approach and commitment to fostering a diverse talent pool showcase the school’s dedication to being a role model for others in higher education.

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