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Technological prowess may be valuable in today’s digital world, but communication skills remain as vital as ever. From social media to traditional face-to-face interactions, communication forms the basis of our personal lives and our modern economy. Those who lack the skills needed to communicate effectively will struggle to express themselves, both as they seek employment and as they aim to improve their general quality of life. Thankfully, these skills can be developed over time.

A Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies serves as a valuable stepping-stone for anyone who hopes to one day harness the power of communication to make a difference. Few academic credentials open up a broader range of opportunities than communication degrees, which are highly valued across many industries. The versatility of a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies can lead to opportunity in numerous fields and industries, but the following positions are among the most impressive:”

Content Strategist

A quickly growing professional niche, content strategy centers around impactful content that helps online users connect with and relate to various brands. Content strategists collect and carefully analyze data to understand how users interact with internet content—and how those interactions can be influenced by various marketing initiatives. Strategists may work with other organizations to build strategic partnerships or across internal departments to ensure that, brand messages remain consistent. Along the way, they continue to monitor metrics and shift digital strategies as dictated by online trends or other considerations.

Because content strategists’ skills are currently in such high demand, they can often command excellent wages. According to PayScale, the average content strategist can expect to earn $61,300 each year. Earnings will ultimately depend, however, on the size of the organization served and the industry it occupies. Content strategists working for large corporations can command impressive earnings, while those working for nonprofits or smaller businesses may be forced to settle for lower pay or fewer hours. Many set their own hours and pay structures by working as freelancers or consultants. This approach allows them to carefully select the brands they represent, thereby enabling better alignment of their professional lives with their passion and expertise.

Social Media Manager

Social media plays a critical role in modern digital marketing. One misstep on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can prove devastating for businesses intent on building strong relationships with their customers, clients, and vendors. Social media managers help to cultivate these relationships by developing and implementing content that reflects the core values of the brands they represent. They may also be responsible for responding to comments, tweets, and private messages. Many work closely with graphic designers, content strategists and public relations specialists to ensure that branding remains consistent across the myriad of marketing channels that today’s organizations use. Data from PayScale reveals that entry-level social media managers can expect to earn an average of $49,881 per year.

Public Relations Specialist

Social media may dominate the marketing landscape, but public relations remains as important as ever. PR professionals are charged with the challenging, yet exciting, task of cultivating favorable public impressions. They develop press releases, respond to media requests and arrange for interviews with top executives.

PR specialists spend the majority of their time in the office, although many also travel to special events or community functions. Long hours can be expected with many PR specialists putting in considerable overtime. That being said, PR professionals thrive on the challenges and changes inherent within their industry; every day carries new opportunities to use strong communication skills to benefit organizations.

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipates approximately 270,000 new jobs to open up by 2028. PR specialists often command competitive salaries; the BLS cited median annual wages of $60,000 as of 2018.

Human Resources Specialist

Effective communication is critical in human resources making this an ideal, if not sometimes overlooked, career option for Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies graduates. HR specialists handle a variety of key tasks, but much of their work involves communicating with employees during high-stakes situations such as onboarding, performance reviews or layoffs.

Increasingly, HR centers around the effective use of media. HR representatives employed by large companies, in particular, may find themselves in charge of video strategy, which is of greater value in an increasingly mobile workforce.

Depending on the scope of the job, HR specialists can expect excellent earnings. The BLS reported median annual wages of $60,880 for HR specialists as of 2018. What’s more, this field offers numerous opportunities for advancement. With experience, HR specialists can move into HR management positions, which according to the BLS, generate median wages of $113,300 per year.

Sales Representative

Sales may not initially seem like a natural fit for communications graduates, but such credentials may actually provide the edge needed to generate impressive commissions. Success in sales largely depends on representatives’ powers of persuasion—skills that are developed extensively in standard college communication courses.

Employment prospects and wages can vary significantly from one sales position to the next. A lot depends on the industry of choice and the products or services reps ultimately end up selling. Variations are also natural given the extent to which earnings rely on commissions. Skilled sales representatives in select industries can, with hard work, expect to clear six figures. However, their work may involve extensive travel, with some reps spending days or even weeks at a time away from home.

Whether your dream profession lies in public relations, content strategy or sales, your Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies from an accredited school like Post University can thoroughly prepare you for the rigors of the modern workplace. Regardless of your ultimate career trajectory, your degree will equip you with the high-value skills needed to gain an edge in a competitive job market that largely relies on effective communication. Get ready to embark on an exciting and fulfilling career path that allows you to make the most of your natural talent and passion.