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Although the exact path is unclear, Hurricane Florence is expected to impact the residents and infrastructure of one or more states along the mid-Atlantic coast this week.  More than 1400 Post students live in areas that stand to be affected by this hurricane, along with numerous Associate Faculty members teaching for the University.

First and foremost, we hope all in the path of the storm have sought shelter, or are preparing plans to stay as safe as possible.

If you, or a Post student or associate you know, are directly impacted by the hurricane and have the opportunity to check in with us, please do so by emailing your Academic Success Counselor or Program Chair with an update on your status.  If you are not able to email us, please make use of our Storm Line.

Last year, Post created a Storm Line to allow us to keep in touch with Post students and faculty who had lost internet due to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  This alternative means of communication proved incredibly helpful.  If internet service in your area is unavailable, please contact us by leaving a message on our Storm Line at 203.596.4506.  Simply let us know you are okay or update us on any challenges the hurricane may present in regards to your courses.

Post University is reaching out to those students and associates whose MOD1/Term2 courses and academic progress may be impacted by the hurricane, and will work to provide personalized plans to help keep students on track to their academic goals.

We hope everyone will stay safe, and ask that you please keep in touch.

Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D.
Post University Provost