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Message from Scott Allen, Senior Vice President 

Welcome to Post University and the Eagle Family! Whether or not this is your first child to attend college, you and your family will experience amazing transitions in the coming year as you take on the role of supporter for your first-year college student. To help assist our first-year families as well as families of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, we produce this Parent & Family Post Newsletter for YOU!

As the proud parent of a recent Post University graduate and now a current University MBA student, I understand that the more information you have the better equipped you will be to support your students as they navigate their college experience.

As our partner, we ask that you encourage your student to take the lead in creating their college experience and to make decisions that allow them to flourish. We ask you to support them in stepping outside of their comfort zone to engage in experiences and seek interactions they have not had before. Encourage your student to identify and set goals for the college experience, and to live intentionally toward the achievement of those goals. Know that while they are with us, we will do the same.

We do not expect students to arrive on campus on the first day of their first year completely independent and ready to tackle every obstacle that appears in their path. The journey to independence is just that – a journey. This is a process of learning, of making mistakes, and growing from them. College is a transformational experience, but it does not happen overnight. This listing of resources on the parent webpage is a good place to start.  Of course, you can always reach out to the Dean of Students, Dr. Dawn Sherman, or myself with questions.

Meet Our Interim Co-Provosts

Post University announced that two of its academic leaders will co-lead the oversight of institutional practices associated with undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies at the university. Assistant Provost for Academic Strategy and The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business Dean Jeremi Bauer, DBA., and Assistant Provost for Teaching and Learning Sandra Wilson, JD, will serve as interim co-provosts following the departure of Elizabeth Johnson, PhD, who has stepped down to embark on a new academic career opportunity.

“Both Jeremi and Sandra bring a plethora of experience and excellent energy and enthusiasm into their interim co-provost role. As faculty members with a combined tenure of 25 years, they have a deep record of dedication to the student experience and success,” said University CEO & President John L. Hopkins. Read more here.

Mark The Calendar: August Move-In Dates

  • August 23 – 24 – International Students 10 a.m.
  • August 25: Freshman, Transfers, and Commuters: 9 a.m. to NOON
  • August 26: Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: 9 a.m. to NOON

Welcome Incoming Class of 2027 and Transfer Students

Your student is now a part of the next generation who will come together to inspire new possibilities, improve lives, and light the way forward. Our August Orientation welcomes students into the community and begins to build the foundation of their academic success.

Orientation is required for all first-year, transfer, and international students. Please make sure that your student has registered for a one-day session either on Friday, August 11, or on Monday, August 14. Please have students use this link to register if they have not already done so.

While on campus for Orientation, your student will be placed in a small group with classmates so that they can begin forming new friendships. Students will meet with a variety of administrators throughout the session who will introduce students to the wide array of services and resources. And finally, the Orientation team leader will share insights about campus life and learn about the values and traditions that make us Eagles.

Enroll in Our Emergency Notification System

An effective safety plan begins with strong communication. At Post, the InformaCast technology enables us to send timely and effective communication to safeguard the well-being of the campus community during times of crisis. We enroll all Main Campus students in the system at the start of the semester. We encourage a parent or guardian to sign up for the safety alert notifications in order to receive the same notifications that your student receives.

To enroll in this system, please click this InformaCast link:

Please enter one mobile number you would like associated with your InformaCast account. (Only one parent or guardian may sign up to receive the alert notifications that your student receives.)

Meet the Campus Life Team 

Dr. Dawn Sherman, Dean of Students – Main Campus and International Student Ambassador

Earlier this month, Dr. Dawn Sherman became the Dean of Students for Main Campus. In this role, she will provide student support and oversee the experience of attending our University. She will also oversee student clubs and enrichment programs, including the Center for Career and Professional Development. 

Dr. Sherman, who joined Post in 2021 as the Dean of Continuing Education, has an extensive history working in higher education. Her first job working at a college began at Bryant College in Student Affairs. Over the years, she was an adjunct professor teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses. At Nicholas College, she was the director of the professional development seminar program. She has also developed an international student program for Auburn University in Alabama.

Daniel Guerrera is the Director of Campus Life. Daniel has a strong passion for helping all students feel comfortable and engaged while on campus. He earned his master’s degree in strategic communication from Central Connecticut State University and is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in higher education leadership at Aspen University.

Sabrina Martino is a Community Director. She is also a Post alumna who earned two bachelor’s degrees from the University. She graduated Cum Laude with Honors Program Distinction. She is currently working on her master’s degree at the University.  

Grace Berry is also a Community Director. She really enjoys putting on interactive events for students. She received her undergraduate degree in communications from Springfield College and recently earned her Master of Science in Higher Education Administration from Post University.

Taji Lowe is a Community Assistant. He likes working with students because he enjoys mentoring and being a positive influence. He earned his bachelor’s degree in management with a minor in sociology. Another Community Assistant is Leyri Rivera.  If you have questions, please reach out to the team here.