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General Biology and Bioinformatics will be the first fully online concentrations offered for the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree

WATERBURY, Conn. – (February 14, 2024) – Post University is meeting the evolving needs of today’s students by introducing two new online concentrations in its Bachelor of Science in Biology program. Enrollment is now open for online General Biology and Bioinformatics, marking the first time students can complete a biology degree with Post from anywhere, at any time, without compromising on the personalized education they have come to expect from the institution.

Online General Biology will provide a comprehensive understanding of foundational biological concepts, while online Bioinformatics will combine biology, genomics and data structure to prepare students for careers at the intersection of biology and statistical analysis.

“This degree is applicable to a broad audience,” said Post University Biology Program Chair Carla Goldstone. “Courses in this program focus on interactive simulations and virtual labs that will simulate hands-on learning experiences and closely mirror real-world scientific practices.”

Both concentrations will offer personalized guidance from dedicated student success advisors who can tailor academic pathways to career interests.

“While nothing can replace the excitement of student-filled classrooms and laboratories, the flexibility this program offers, both in pace and content, meets undergraduate students where they are geographically,” explained Goldstone.

Offering online General Biology and Bioinformatics concentrations are the latest additions to the institution’s long history of creating groundbreaking academic modalities.

With a 134-year history of innovation, Post University continues to evolve for learners of all ages. The university continues to improve its academic delivery and leverages its more than 20-year online learning experience and position as one of the first schools in Connecticut to offer cutting edge online education.

Enrollment for online classes beginning on March 4, 2024 is now open. To learn more about the new online biology concentrations at Post, please visit


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