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With a new year upon us, now is a good time to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and goals for the coming year. In fact, while nearly 40 percent of Americans report making resolutions each year, studies show that only about 9 percent of them actually follow through.

If you are a new college student, you already have a lot on your plate. Whether you are adjusting to your first time away from home or simply the demanding routine of college classes, starting school is a busy time for everyone. With this in mind, it makes sense to settle on a realistic resolution that helps you make the most of your college experience.

So, why not resolve to get more involved in your campus community in 2024 and beyond? No matter if you attend a smaller college or a large university, your school likely has plenty to offer—and getting involved as much as possible ensures you do not miss out on a thing.

Why It Is Important to Be Involved in College Life

You have just recently started college and have classes to attend, exams to study for, and projects to complete. At the same time, you may also have hobbies you want to continue investing in and relationships with friends and family to maintain. Although another activity or commitment could seem hard to fit into your already-limited time, the reality is that being involved in your college experience ultimately benefits you in numerous ways.

Understanding the Value of Campus Participation

For starters, getting involved with different organizations and activities on campus allows you to explore and pursue hobbies and interests you may otherwise not discover. Even if there is a hobby you currently practice solo, you might find that your campus has a club or other organization related to this hobby that can connect you with a community of like-minded individuals. This, in turn, could lead to new friendships.

Likewise, involvement in different activities and clubs on campus could even help you discover a brand-new interest or career path. It is not uncommon for students to start college in one program or major, only to transition to a different one after discovering a new passion or interest in a particular field.

Last but not least, joining student clubs and other campus experiences contributes to an overall sense of community and belonging. Especially if you are away at college for the first time, it is easy to feel isolated and lonely. By having club meetings or other events to attend, you enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and get involved in something outside of your everyday academic responsibilities.

Ways to Get Involved in College Life

Not sure how to get involved on campus? The possibilities are endless and limited only by what your school has to offer. If you are hesitant about where to begin, you might check to see if your college offers a “college life” organization or similar connection that can help you discover campus events, clubs, and other activities that may interest you.

Join or Create a Student Club

Even if your school does not currently offer a club that celebrates one of your favorite hobbies, you might consider starting one yourself. More than likely, you are not the only student on campus who shares the same interest or hobby—so forming your own club can be a great way to meet like-minded people and friends. Consult with your school to find out more about the process for establishing a new club and getting the word out.

Most college campuses also offer dozens (if not hundreds) of already-established clubs, so this can be an excellent opportunity to get involved, share a hobby, or explore a brand-new interest. Whether it be gaming, debate, travel, or just about anything in between, you may be able to find and join an existing club as a way of getting involved. These clubs not only hold meetings but may also host other special events that can get you out of your dorm room and into the world.

Consider Greek Life: Fraternities and Sororities

Another possibility for getting involved in your college campus is joining a fraternity or sorority. Check with your school’s “Greek Life” sector to find out which specific fraternities and sororities exist on your campus as well as how to determine which ones may be right for you.

There are a number of potential benefits to getting involved with Greek Life. For one, it is a tried-and-true way to establish strong (and often lifelong) connections and relationships with others. Additionally, fraternities and sororities usually offer opportunities for members to partake in special activities or philanthropic efforts that help build leadership skills and other essential life skills.

In many cases, being in a fraternity or sorority can also benefit you when it is time to search for a job after college. This is because Greek Life inherently comes with some alumni connections and networking opportunities that you would likely not experience elsewhere.

Seek Opportunities in Honor Societies

Another option to consider if you are seeking ways to get more involved on your college campus is to join an honor society, if you qualify. Specifically, this is a club or group established by a chapter of college or university that recognizes students who have demonstrated academic excellence. Typically, qualifying for admission to an honor society requires that you maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) and sometimes pay a membership fee.

Regardless, involvement in an honor society is an ideal way to meet like-minded students who are motivated to succeed. These societies can provide a place to network, join a study group, or even take advantage of mentorship experiences. Plus, this type of involvement looks sharp on a resume when it comes time to seek your first job after graduation.

Step into Student Government

Want to make a difference and have an interest in leadership? Joining your school’s student government is another solid way to get involved. By running for a student government office (like president, vice president, treasurer, or a similar role), you can develop your leadership skills while connecting to your school in important ways.

Meanwhile, being involved in student government could help you gain professional experience that can serve you well in the real world. At the same time, you develop critical networking and social skills that help you become a better-rounded person.

Contribute to Your Student Newspaper or Magazine

If you have an interest in writing or editing, then joining your school’s newspaper, magazine, or other editorial could be a way to engage in those interests while being involved on campus. Whether you prefer to cover news stories, write about your own opinions, or edit other people’s work, there are sure to be ways to help at your student newspaper. Being part of a student publication will look good on your resume down the road, too, specifically if you apply for relevant jobs in the journalism or writing field.

Earn and Learn: On-Campus Jobs

Looking for a way to bring in some extra money while attending school? If so, an on-campus job could get you more involved in your college experience. This way, you save yourself the hassle of commuting off-campus to work while enjoying more opportunities to meet and interact with fellow students. Working a campus job—such as at the library, student center, an academic office, or anywhere in between—can also teach you valuable skills and help you build friendships with other working students on campus.

Embrace Your Sporty Side: Intramural Sports and Club Sports

If you enjoy playing a sport recreationally or are interested in trying one, you might consider joining an intramural or club team on campus. From a traditional sport like soccer to something less conventional (like pickleball), you can likely find an intramural league that meets on your campus and suits your interests.

Joining a club sport is an excellent way to not only meet new people but also get out and be physically active. This can help you stay in shape with healthy exercise habits and take better care of yourself while attending college.

Why Are Campus Events a Must?

Figuring out how to be involved in college takes some work on your end, especially when figuring out which activities are ideal for your preferences and schedule. However, being integrated with your campus community can enrich your experience in various ways.

The Role of Campus Events in College Life

Throughout the year, most colleges host numerous events that can help you meet new people and get out there without the commitment of formally joining a club or activity. Take advantage of these opportunities, whether it means attending a sporting game or a movie night at your student center. These events can make your college experience more fun, and some may even help you meet new people or develop valuable skills.

Expanding Horizons With Research Opportunities

If academics are your core focus, you can still get involved with research opportunities that may be available to you on campus.

How to Find Research Opportunities on Campus

Check with your professors or program advisor to explore research opportunities on your college campus that may already be ongoing. You may be able to find one that needs more participants—or even spearhead your own study. This is the kind of involvement that can reflect well on your resume while helping you network with others in your field.

Making the Most of Your College Experience

Of course, your involvement need not be confined to the borders of your college campus.

Actively Participating in the Extended College Community

Finding off-campus opportunities can also be an ideal way to meet new people and get involved in activities that interest you. Whether it is a job or a volunteer club, off-campus activities can help supplement your college experience.

Balancing Academics and College Involvement

You might think being involved in campus activities would detract from your focus on your studies, but this does not have to be the case.

How Does Involvement in College Activities Impact Academic Success?

Consider, for example, that studies have found that students involved in campus organizations tend to have higher GPAs than those who are not.

Ready to Make the Most of Your College Experience?

From clubs and intramural sports to research opportunities and on-campus jobs, there are so many ways to get involved in your college experience and surround yourself with an authentic sense of community. With just a little bit of effort, you could start taking advantage of all that your college community has to offer and get more out of the experience as a whole.

For those students who spend less time on campus such as online students, hybrid students, and commuters, fear not! Many colleges have clubs that are available online which allows students who do not live or spend the majority of their time on campus access to a club, granting them a similar experience as the more traditional college student.

At Post University, we are committed to offering an enriching campus experience you simply will not find anywhere else. No matter if you attend an undergraduate, graduate, or even online program, there are plenty of opportunities to be part of an incredible community.


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